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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Scag48, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Wish me luck, tomorrow the boss is throwing me in one of the 400's to load trucks. We have 50 trucks and pups running tomorrow. I have 90 seconds to load truck and trailer and get them gone, sitting at mid box height with a 72" 2.5 yard bucket. Now I've loaded trucks before, but not on a production job with a super huge bucket that makes even a 400 a little tippy. I must've done something right today when I jumped on my buddy's 400 while he went to take a leak for a few minutes, I was just moving some material around after the trucks had finished the day. About 20 minutes later I was told I would be given the chance to run with the trucks. My buddy is a pretty good hoe hand and said this job is his first chance at loading trucks after 3 years with the company. I've been with the company just shy of a month now. Feeling pretty good today. Been grade checking a lot, working with the grade engineer quite a bit, learning to read the plans and am learning to run our Trimble GPS system. Hope everyone is having a good week.
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    You get into a rythm where you flop 5 scoops into the truck and 3-4 scoops into the pup. Just make sure you don't bang the truck with the bucket or spill dirt down the side of the box. Truck drivers really hate it when you bust their side boards.

    You have a full bucket hanging in the air where you want the truck to pull under and get ready to dump the bucket to get the truck to stop where you want it. Once the truck is full beep the horn. Some operators are different they beep for the truck to stop and beep for the truck to leave.

    When ever I was loading trucks I liked to sit on a flatten mound of dirt so I could see in the box it makes it easier to place rocks etc.

    To load a truck and pup in 90 seconds you have to be moving :laugh:
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    Yeah, boss told me if I hit a sideboard he'd throw me off the machine, it's not an option. The horn in the hoe I'll be running doesn't work, so it's a hand wave to get them pull forward for the pup. Kinda lame, but whatever. I've been watching how things work long enough I can figure it out. I think I'm physching myself out, but the bucket is seriously huge. That's the only thring that bothers me, a massive bucket and fast cycle times. I can keep that hoe moving quick, that's no problem, but moving quick with that large of a bucket over a truck is what worries me a little. I'll give it hell, that's for sure.
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    Hand waving doesn't work especially when the driver isn't paying attention or too busy picking his nose.

    The biggest thing is getting the load centered. It would be first scoop against the front of the box 2 scoops in the middle and 1 scoop against the tail gate. Always heep up the box in the center so the truck is loaded over the drive axles.

    The last thing avoid at all costs of swinging over the truck cab.

    I think you will be fine but it will be different from loading trucks with a mini :laugh:
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    Before junior says anything on this thread I have something to ask him.

    Have you ever loaded a truck before, Junior?

    And Scag I don't envy you one little bit. I'll stick to 10 minutes to load my truck with my little Deere.
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    one more tiny bit of info, if you spill some off the edges of the box make sure to scrape it up before the next truck they will be pissed if they are having to run over mounds and hills flexing the suspension to the max.

    when i fall behind loading i just let one truck leave a little soon before the line backs up.
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    Like I said, I've loaded trucks before, but it was always with a 120 or 150, loading 1 or 2 trucks and they run off to dump. This is a huge deal, the trucks are super expensive to hire out, we use some of our own but most of them are contracted. So, it's a lot of pressure to keep things going. Yep, takes 4 scoops to load the trucks, 1 in the front, 2 in the middle, 1 in the rear, totally centered. Should be about as tall as the cylinder tower thereabouts, well, at least with the Sturdyweld and Truckweld boxes all of these trucks run. Yep, no horn is not that cool, I've seen where my buddy will wave and nothing happens. Not the operator's fault, that's for sure. At least I have a CB in the hoe incase I need to get ahold of one of them. Not too worried about spilling a little, even the veteran guys lose a little here and there, no big deal. The haul road is all dirt and we maintain the crap out of it, the trucks chew it up far before there is enough spilled dirt on the ground to piss them off. They clean the sides of their boxes and sideboards before they leave the site, so if I get a little on the truck itself that's not that big of a deal either. Just as long as I don't make a huge mess and hit a truck, I'll be just fine.

    I know I can do it just fine, just given the amount of time to load the truck I'll be rushed into figuring it out quick. I suppose that's nothing new, I've been thrown into things I wasn't quite accustomed to. Like last week I ended up in the D8 ripping and barrelling off a bench to a 2:1 slope, hang on for that one.
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    You better get a pea shooter and a bag of peas to get the drivers attention or a couple cartons of eggs. Throw a egg on the hood that will get their attention :laugh:

    With a bucket that big the material must be easy digging. Loading with a big bucket is no different than loading trucks with a 966 Loader which has a 3 yard bucket.
  9. Scag48

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    Nope, the soil is harder than hell, it all had to be ripped by the 8. But once it's ripped, it's pushing into piles. We were far enough up the hole a couple weeks ago we just dug benches into the bank, now we're getting close to subgrade so the dozer is pushing material up into piles. A 966 with a 3 yard bucket? You mean 5 yard bucket? Deere 744H is about the same size, we had a 10 yard truck at the training grounds and I'd get 2 scoops and she'd be full. Loader of 966 size should be running at least 4.5 to 5.5 yard bucket. A 938 is right around 3 yards.
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    Man that is fast. I am with CAT, better you than me. I have loaded 10,000 yards with my 9020B this year. I have a much smaller hoe but I would not want to be under that time restraint. I would error on the side of the time limit rather than running faster than your able to run the hoe effectively. If your just loading loose material it wont be as bad as cutting grade and loading the trucks. Remember smooth is fast, find the best stick and arm positioning to minimze excessive movement. Good luck.

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