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    Been in the Lawn Care industry since 2004, since 2010 Under Goose Hill, went through a divorce and lost all my customers except a few in 2009 and had to restart in 2010 with what little I had left I went from a 2005 truck back down to a 1989 truck working with a Ferris 52" cut walk behind mower, since then I have been able to get some better equipment and a newer truck, I have not raised my prices since 2004, and it's time to do that, I figured I lost about 24,000 in profits last year not charging what I should be charging for the lawns I mow. It seems I have all the customers that want the best quality work but don't expect to pay what it's worth. Im just trying to make this work for me and my family.
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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
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    Welcome to the site...from Commerce, Georgia :waving:

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