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    I've been on the lawnsite for a while now. Well to start off with a lady ran a stop light and I hit her with my f-250 on monday evening. Totalled her car, bent my bumper. Anyway I was mowing on Tuesday and my J.D. F-620 started to smoke a little. I was like what next? Not my week. So on Wednesday I was like I can't have my equipment breaking down. One of the guys that works for me wanted my 48" lesco walkbehind- he cuts some residentials on the weekends. I was debating because that Lesco is what got me started and is still running strong, but I agreed to sell it anyway. So I called my local Exmark dealer and he cut me a real good deal on a Lazer Z 60" and a 52" gear walkbehind with ecs, really did not want the ecs but could not refuse the price. Prices was so good I decided to get a 8.5' by 24' enclosed trailer (that I have really been wanting) to keep the new equipment looking as good as possible. Didn't demo any thing- just taking Lawngodfathers' and many other advice. I hope I am pleased. The best thing about it is that I had mistakingly added some wrong weight oil to my J.D. and when I changed the oil in it this weekend it did not smoke any more. So now we will be running a J.D. 60" cut Z-TRAK, an Exmark Lazer 60" cut, and a Exmark 52" gear drive, all tucked away in a enclosed trailer. Can't wait to get my PSD back to pull it all, its going to be hard on my 350 in the dump truck. Anyway I'll keep you posted on what the best mower is.
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    Mike that sure is a great looking rig...
    Bet it looks better behind the PSD! :D

    Let me know how the 52" handles, my Toro still slides the braking tire really bad. I mowed the bank(incline) today I was telling you about - the whole time I was pulling and pushing to keep the Toro straight on the hillside...

    I think it has alot to do with the balance of the machine, the deck under yours looks like it would be heavier.

    I think you'll like the Kawasaki, mine has great power, doesn't use much fuel, but it is cold natured.
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    Hey you must've been half asleep when you posted this! I just noticed its in the HomeOwners Forum. :p

    Check your private message,
    I left the phone number to the guy who lettered my truck there.
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    I think you'll be happy.

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