Going from bluegrass to fescue

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by paramountadvertising, Sep 12, 2006.

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    Ive search for at least 30 minutes so please dont yell if this has been asked before.

    I currently have bluegrass but want to switch out to tall fescue after hearing about its better drought tolerance and among other things. Last year I aerated and slice seeded a fescue/bluegrass blend (80/20) but theres not much of the fescue (maybe 10% at most). My lawn is very thick and healthy so I dont know if thats a problem with the new seed germinating. I figured that I would at least get the fescue to grow in the aeration holes but that wasnt the case.

    Am I better off killing everything and starting over or just do this each year until I get the desired results. I would really hate to kill my grass!

    Also, if I aerate and reseed within the next month or so, can I do the same in the spring to speed of the process of getting the fescue in faster or will this damage the new grass? If it makes a difference, I used pennington tournament from lowes last year but this year Im using teamates from lesco.

    I know sponsers usually only post to generate business but I really am fanatical about my lawn.

    Thanks for any help.
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    My advice: Don't do it.

    Tall fescue is garbage as far as texture and look. Yes, even the latest hybrids.
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    If its not broke don't fix it.
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    If you're using the Teamates this time, you're on the right track. Do NOT spray it all off if you have a nice lawn already. Forget about the aerating thing, the results are only limited at best - as you have now found out. Rent yourself a slitseeder (preferably a Lesco). Mow your bluegrass down real low, almost scalping it. Then drill your tttf in in two different directions - best at 45 degrees from the first set of passes. The reason you want to cut the grass down low is for two reasons. First, so you don't have mounds of grass laying on top after you do the slitseeding, but most importantly, so the new seed is allowed to get light to it. I don't care what anyone says, it is necessary to successful germination and growth - trust me. Keep your lawn cut low for awhile...don't worry, it (the bluegrass) will survive. Put it in heavy (for an overseeding rate) at about 6 lbs. per M. This will give you aboput 3 lbs. per M per pass. Don't forget you starter fertilizer (Lescos 18-24-12 works well). This will give you an awesome lawn. Several of my lawns are composed of this type combo.
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    Thanks for the response. Ill definately go that route. I read a lot on here and you seem very respected by everyone.


    I wish I could but I really enjoy playing around with my lawn.


    I dont know what type of tall fescue I put down last year, but the stuff that did come up was a nice dark green (darker than the bluegrass) and held up better in the heat and drought (even though I have irrigation sp?) If it doesnt turn out the way I want, Ill just change it next year.
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    i'd do even one better and put it at 10lbs./ M. Follow it up with some starter fert and then dormant feed and you should be looking good for next year.
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    Everything I have seen & read lately says that bluegrass is the way to go. I myself put in 3/4 of an acre of 100% bluegrass using Lesco's All Blue mix. I made sure I kept it watered and properly fertilized. We had an extremely dry summer and this grass in fully exposed to the sun. In the 55 lawns that I take care of that bluegrass section is the best I saw this year. I would recommend that bluegrass mix to anyone in the northern part of the country.
    Just mu opinion.

    Mike's Total Lawn Care
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    Well I just finished everything yesterday! I end up cutting the lawn to about 1.5". When my father in law came over he flipped out saying I killed my lawn (he has ocd).

    I ended up using all 50lbs of teammates and my lawn is around 5k or so. I just didnt want to take a chance this year.

    I shouldve taken some before and after pictures but my lawn looks like complete crap between being cut really short and the thatch pulled up top from the slice seeder.
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    Thanks for the link. I just went with about 10lb per 1000 so I think that should do it.

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