Going from door hanger to direct mailer

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by towtruck212, Dec 26, 2012.

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    Do you think the info should change much going from the flier to direct mailer? I see alot of people do direct mailers and pretty much stress one service? What are your thought from ones who do direct mailers?

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    You can market any service you want. I choose to market limited services on my direct mailers as a part of my marketing program.
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    If you have not found a place to do your printing yet, check out A'Deas Printing (www.adeasprinting.com) We have different specials going on, one including out direct mail post cards. We have a special right now for 5,000 post cards with our stick-it feature for $.27 ea including a saturation rate postage and addressing, the only thing that would be needed is the mailing list, which we can help you obtain if needed as well.
    We have designers on staff that can help with the design if that is a service you need as well. If you'd like more information or have any questions on any of our other products just let me know! My name is Glenda and you can reach me at 1-866-778-4254 or by email at glenda@adeasprinting.com
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    With direct mail you need to think about what angle you are going to use to differentiate yourself from the ton of direct mail others are sending. You need to come up with a very good design and stick with it so it starts to get stuck in peoples minds. Do not use the crappy mailing lists the direct mail places offer.

    Go to a place like Info USA and get quality filtered database information. As far as printing goes I've found Cactusmailings.com has the best quality printing, card stock, and price. I tried some of the places on lawnsite and they were about 10 cents higher then cactus per card.

    You need to do direct mail in quantities of 5000 to get a decent price. I spend about 1600 - 1650 for 5000 or about 33 cents a card. I would never do saturation mailings because the amount of waste would raise my true cost per card to about 50 cents.

    If you buy a mailing list take some time to look up some of the addresses and make sure they match the requested sample.

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