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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ojays lawn care, Sep 2, 2013.

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    I work a full time job-M-Thursday, and on fridays i mow about 15-18 properties. I leave saturdays free for odd jobs like mulching hedge trimming and so forth. I have a 01 silverado 2wd, 14 foot trailer, 48" walkbehind, Redma backpack, Stihl kombi with weedwacker, pole hedge trimmer, and edger, as well as a stihl hedge trimmer, a stihl chainsaw, and a few push mowers. On fridays my brother works with me to do the trimming while i do the mowing.
    A customer i have proposed a plan to me. He has the ability to land me 1 huge commercial account, Basically 2 separate condominium developments in two separate towns about 45 mins from were i am based. Its about a 60-70k landscaping contract plus separate plowing contract.
    I figure im going to have to buy minimal a 1 ton dump, 60 inch zero turn of some sort, and a leaf vac to start. Also if i do the plowing contract will need a plow and sander for said dump, plus another 3/4 ton with plow( or i can sub second truck out)
    I will probably have to hire a full time employee, perhaps 2?I suppose i could quit my main job but im just not brave enough for that yet. Im driving up with my customer to meet his Buddy who is the maintenance manager for the establishment. I'm hoping that I can land a 3 year contract out of it, because i need to pay for the the equipment im going to have to buy. Also im thinking i might not want to start a contract with them til the spring.
    I do have a goal that if i do hire a full time employee that i will not longer be working the business but will transfer myself to being more of a salesman spending my free time advertising and trying to grow the business as big as i can manage. I do have a goal to eventually leave my full time job and do landscaping full time, but i need to make sure the landscaping is financially able to support me. What are some of the things that i am missing, problems i might face. Obviously i have never had a real employee so there is a large cost of doing that with insurances, and stuff.

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    Your missing experience.You may be in over your head.
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    Live and learn!
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    I do agree, I will be in over my head, but how can i pass the oppurtunity
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    Mowing 18 yards on the side is no problem, but with a full time job, and not having done anything of this scale before, how are you in the position to effectively oversee this?
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    The opportunity you are referring to I believe will bury you. There will be other chances in your future. Pace yourself, gain more experience and have at least
    18 months of savings for your day to day living expenses before undertaking any drastic changes in so short a period of time. All the best.
    easy-lift guy
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    The above quote
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    Landing two condominiums on top of what you already have is not enough to hire two full time employees as you stated.

    Have you ever plowed snow either?

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    Plowing is blood money!
    Sounds like it is a nice account .............

    But, are you really willing to give up a secure job and make your side business your only source of income is the question. Are you in a position that if it fails you can be ok?
    I am probably the guy who people look at in my decisions for business and say you are crazy. But I always make sure if I fail I have a backup plan in place ready to go.
    Good luck in your decision
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    Whats the worst that can happen? Lol.

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