Going Gator hunting this Wednesday...

Discussion in 'ATV / UTV' started by Rick13, Dec 2, 2013.

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    So I'm going to go look at 2030 John Deere Pro Gator (diesel). Anything I should watch out for???

    They also have it's cousin....3200 Toro Workman (gas) also....two to choose from...both the same price.

    Anything on the Toro (which is almost the same as John Deere) I need to watch out for???

    Oh yeah....all three machines are used, but look like they've been well kept.

    The John Deere has a hydro leak that effect the power steering and raise & lowering the dump box.

    Thanks for any and all help!!!!
  2. Rick13

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    I ended up buying a 2011 John Deere Pro Gator 2020A. It has only 250 hrs, 2 wheel drive, and can carry 2500 pounds in the dump bed.

    Working with Bob Posthuma (Owner of GEOTEA) to come up with a boomless, 110 gallons tank(drain/easy to clean after use), gas engine Honda 5.5 hp, 200 feet 1/2" hose w/electric reel, to spray Organic Compost Tea. I know I can carry more liquids, but I don't want too much weight which could cause damage to the large yards. For the smaller yards, I will back the Pro Gator and park it on the driveway, sidewalk, street so I can the hose reel and gun to walk and spray the yard.

    The Pro Gator should get here in a week or two, so I will get some time to Line-X the dump bed and hitch, and build side extension rails around the dump bed. Get two or three signs on the dump bed with "Now Spraying Organic Compost Tea".

    I will also be using a GEOTEA brewer to make my organic compost tea, and Bob is going to redo his website to offer new products along with a documentary about GEOTEA brewers being used all over the world. Bob said that I will be able to link some of his information on compost tea and their benefits to improve my customer's knowledge and let them know their are other options for yard care. And with Bob's help, the learning curve will be very easy....plus he's only a bit over two hours away, so it's good to have help near.

    I will post my updates as they start to come in. Getting ready for a great 2014!!! Along with revamping My Website (with Tonygreek)...were I will be offering more Organics Care.

    I figure to get the best people in their fields to help make my service the best they can be. And now I will be able to go after the large 1 to 5 acre yards with the Pro Gator.

    Anyone have any good ideas I need to ask for while setting up this sprayer???

    I will be mainly leaving the sprayer in the rear of the Pro Gator, so I don't plan on needing to move it in and out of the bed very often.....plus I can always raise the bed when cleaning out the spray tank to make cleaning easier....but most likely I will have a hose connected to the drain to control the waste from cleaning out the tank.

    Thanks for any and all help!!!!!!!!!!

    progator quick paint.jpg
  3. Rick13

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    Well, here's a few pictures of the Pro Gator with 150 gallon tank sitting in the rear. Contree Spraying Equipment placed some of the parts in the bed to simulate what it will look like once completed.

    Contree wants to get everything dialed in to place.... then they will take everything back out and disassemble the rear bed so Line-X can be sprayed.

    Then once the bed is Line-X....reassemble the bed and install the sprayer.

    I will have more pictures as this project moves along.

    And yes, the Gator will get cleaned up from the snow and salt once it's done too!!!! :) Plus I think Contree is going to take the Pro Gator to a Trade Show to show off their work.

    2014-02-04 12.17.32 small.jpg

    2014-02-04 12.16.43 small.jpg

    2014-02-04 12.15.51 small.jpg

    2014-02-04 12.15.16 small.jpg

    2014-02-04 12.18.30 small.jpg

    2014-02-04 12.17.54 small.jpg
  4. Rick13

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    Finally got the ProGator home last Friday. Here a few pictures of it. Kevin from Contree Spraying Equipment is going to return this Friday (if the weather is good) to re-run a few wires so the dump will be able to lift up and help set the spray patterns for the three boomless nozzles.

    With the control box, I will be able to turn 1, 2 or all 3 nozzles on from the cab. It also has 200 feet of hose with and extra 35 feet gun/hose on the driver's side. The tank is 150 gallons also....and the only material that will be going in the tank will be compost tea/extraction and water.

    Need to work on my side rails this weekend or maybe this week if I have some extra time.

    More Updates to come later: :cool2:

    ProGator 1 small.jpg

    ProGator 2 small.jpg

    ProGator 3 small.jpg

    ProGator 4 small.jpg
  5. Rick13

    Rick13 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Working on making my dump box side rails for the ProGator. Just getting a few ideas on how I would like to make the sides.

    I'm thinking about making the 2 x 4 frame and then placing some hinges on the sign so I can lift it up on both sides so I can get to the engine and pump area.

    What do you think would be the best way to go???

    A. Fixed sides


    B. Hinged sides that can lift up

    With the tank/sprayer in the bed, I can see out the sides (ordering mirrors for the sides) so that's why I figured to make the sides high....to cover the equipment some, plus I can have a larger side signs. And if it was to rain....I just need to tarp the top....which would be easy.

    ProGator 5 small.jpg

    ProGator 6 small.jpg

    ProGator 7 small.jpg
  6. LawnCareNoobie

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    Looks good thanks for sharing. I use a 2008 Gator 4x4 620i at work and it's really been a great machine. Full cab, heating, lighting, windshield wiper, etc. It's got 2200 hours on it and it starts up and does work every day. Just basic maintenance (oil change, new tires, etc) is all it's needed. We use a big 6 ft plow on it in winter months which is something you could mount on a small pickup truck. It's kind of overkill I think, but it pushes and pulls a lot of weight. This doesn't have power steering which I think should be standard on all models.
  7. Rick13

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    Thanks LawnCareNoobie! Hope My ProGator is as good as Your Gator. :waving:
  8. muggz

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    I don't like the sounds of the Hydro leak!?
  9. Rick13

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    Wel here's just a quick update....kinda moving a little slow....just some much work and not enough time. But I hope to be spraying this Fall (the organic tea).

    I think I've got the ProGator dialed in....now to work on the GeoTea Brewer.

    For the boom....I can have all three on.....or just left, center, or right. Doesn't matter....so it's nice with the flexibility of 1, 2 or all 3 nozzles to spray.

    2014-06-17 small gator.jpg

    2014-06-17 small gator 2.jpg
  10. Rick13

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    A few more pictures of the ProGator spraying.

    It can spray a 24 foot path at 40 psi with all 3 nozzles running.

    If I raise the boomless bar up higher, it would spray farther and of course increasing the psi would accomplish that also.

    ProGator 3.jpg




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