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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RTLAWN, Jun 1, 2008.


    RTLAWN LawnSite Member
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    I have been in the lawn business for 15 years now and thinking about going green and using battery power for my small tools. I was looking at the black and decker 36 volt string trimmers as well as the works GT to save fuel I know I have to buy extra battery packs. Anyone useing battery power?

  2. grandview (2006)

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    No offense, but where do you think the electricity comes from to charge your batteries?
  3. Charles

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    Here in SC, its clean Nuclear Power for many:usflag: Then you have clean Hydro power for others. Coal for a smaller amount
  4. nobagger

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    I saw that Works GT on tv the other day and it looked pretty cool. I guess you could run a generator and a wall of extra chargers, they said it is fully charged in less than 1 hour. I just dont know how well those would hold up, my guess is not very well and would it be worth it to invest in a industrial generator and all new equipment? When its all said and done you could have well over 4-5k invested, thats a lot of fuel. But if your thinking long term it might be worth it but again, I dont think the equipment would hold up, I'm surprised none of the companies that make commercial equipment are coming out with this idea.
  5. lawnguyland

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    I would love commercial quality battery op handhelds simply to avoid breathing in emissions all day. Someday soon I hope!
  6. jkilov

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    These batteries probably don't last long. Not only discharge but you have to junk them after X cycles. Not very green for sure. Then there's the lack of power.

    The only thing I'd consider having battery powered would be a hedge trimmer.
  7. AI Inc

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    Irrigation contractor here. We use a battery powered sawzall for cutting valve boxes , sometimes roots . In all reality it runs straight out for about 8-9 minutes from a full charge till dead.

    RTLAWN LawnSite Member
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    Well I have a converter to plug the charger into the lighter in the truck I would only use the battery trimmers for dress up and when the grass is short. no filters no fuel no 2 mix no spark plugs I'm going to try it and let everyone know how it goes. Right know I go throught a 5 gal can of 2 cycle in 4 days about 10 plugs 20 filters fuel and air per year.
  9. jkilov

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    That's not bad. Now you'll be going through 15 battery packs per year.
  10. jeffex

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    going "green" is a noble thought but as posted above about the ele. generation, How can you be sure your really saving the environment or even energy for that matter. It may take 2-3 times as long to trim with a battery powered piece of equipment. I get that it may be an image your trying to project to your customers or potential customers. The only way to be truly sure is to get a old fashioned sickle or scythe to whack the grass and a Manuel edger and a push reel mower. If it comes to that I'm out.....I use 15 HP walkbehinds and 2cycl hand helds. They don't use that much gas compared to the income they generate. There may be a change to lower hp more fuel efficient equipment in the future . Maybe even a hybrid powered mower. Until they come up with better battery powered equipment that they can prove the energy savings on I'll use gas until my customers can't afford what I have to charge them....good luck going green

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