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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by charlieblackcat, Jul 5, 2001.

  1. charlieblackcat

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    greetings.. I'm an x-golf course greenskeeper & have been thinking about going into buisness as a commercial lawn cutter on nantucket.. I'm curious for good ideas as to how to get started! I belive I know the work, but lack on the buisness side.. so, how do people typicaly get jobs? flyers? knocking on doors? ad's in the papers? and about what time of year do you start this advertising?

  2. roscioli

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    In nantucket, wow. All you will have to do is drive around with a number on your truck. Make sure its a nice truck though! You will be competing with a few people that I know out there, well established landscapers. Good luck to ya, if I didnt have so many commitments here, I would move there in a heartbeat. I am just a start up myself, so i cant give much advice. Use the search feature, you will find a ton of posts like yours. Fliers are good, in nantucket knocking on doors would be good and bad, because so many people are never even at their "summer homes" out there, but if they are, you might have an 'in' that way. If you can get a hold somehow of their main address, or business address, and do direct mail to them, that would be even better, but probably not possible. Have fun! Let us know how it turns out.
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    if you are an ex golf course superintendant, if you left your job, why not talk with some members at the club. they must have a lot of money to spend on their homes, having them look like golf courses.
  5. charlieblackcat

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    roscioli - thanks for the confidence.. Nantucket is so nice & i'm suresure the majority of people get their lawn done by a service.. I cant really figure out how to get involved without getting all the equipment & heading up there..
  6. charlieblackcat

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    Eric - great link.. a read a lot of good stuff there..
  7. charlieblackcat

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    lawnboy - good thinking, but i was not a head greenskeeper(super), just one of many..

    been hacking code in manhattan for the last 5 years as a computer programmer, but i've had it & am ready to get outside..

  8. charlesw

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    I can understand that. I've been into the telecom & networking business for 10 years. Ready for a nice change in my life. I also love working outside taking care of my lawn, which is the best looking in our development. :D

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