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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Echelberry's LawnCare, Dec 29, 2012.

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    My name is Matt Echelberry Im in SE Ohio I have been mowing and landscaping for about 8 years and decided to start my own company. Any advice on advertzing,or anything else will be helpfull. thank you
  2. Phelps_lawncare

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    i think this can go many different ways as i believe alot of people have had different outcome's with different advertising approaches. of course with anybody word of mouth is the best advertising for any company, big or small. depending on you budget i would say start by local paper ad's, craigslist, angies list you can start an account for free as a business. these are just examples of cheap to free ways to advertise. another thing you can do is check your local post office and see if they do direct mail. its a service where you can choose a route ( one or multiple routes) in your area where you would like to market and pay them a flat rate price and they will put your postcards, flyers, mailers or whatever you decide in each mailbox on that route. im sure theres other ways but these are things i done and have worked well for me!
  3. inzane

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    i tried to do direct mail last year. i sent roughly 700 out by myself, targeting certain neighborhoods. i know that is not very many, but still never got a single call, but i think my timing was off... as i got started up late in the year, and sent them out in late july/august. I signed up for business listings and polished up the website, and by the fall i was getting more calls from the website than anything. I've never had much luck from craigslist, i have heard of guys on here getting many accounts in a year using craigslist, but i'd love to see there prices though. I can't stand out on craigslist myself because i dont cut grass for 25 bucks.
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    Personally, I've never seen many results from direct mail... In my opinion, a website is by far your best bet for finding new work. Hire a designer and developer to create your site, and if you can't afford a web designer, there are many cheaper options that allow you to build your own site such as http://virb.com/ or http://www.squarespace.com/ Once you do that, create a budget to start advertising using Google Adwords, and you can target local audiences through their mapping system. I've seen by far the best results from this method, as everyone is turning to the web for their source of info. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Phelps_lawncare

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    iv had great luck with direct mail but iv never sent out less than 2000 mailers. in fact i just sent out 2500 and have picked up 4 nice residential jobs and 2 commercial accounts. all signed yearly contracts so in just the 6 contracts iv signed will pay for the advertising itself in just 1 week. i have found that direct mail you have to be early before people sign contracts with everyone else. just like with everything else. i once got a late start like you and ended up getting nothing myself! but as i first stated everybody has different outcomes and i hate it didn't work in your favor as i know direct mail can get pricey. craigslist i will agree i haven't picked up but maybe 1 account off there but IMO its free might as well take advantage of it cause we sure don't get much free in this world! speaking of free some do not like doing this but i think its a great way to add to the word of mouth advertising, offer some kind of promotion. i offer the first mowing free with signed yearly contract and i have a refer a friend program also. not saying do these exact things but things like this will most always catch attention because well its FREE! and as we all know to well customers love free! lol
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    All ideas are Great ways to build your account list. Mailers and flyers are less than 1 % return. Saturdays in the neighborhoods are very important in the spring time when everyone is home and they see you working on Saturday they will come up and ask you questions. I call it "Green Saturdays"
  7. Will P.C.

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    Craigslist is a great opportunity to put a huge gap between a professional company and a 5 second '25 dollar full service add'
  8. inzane

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    thats always been my angle.. i have a nice ad banner i post with my add. licensed and insured with experience.. etc.. i keep it simple.. i list my starting price of whatever service i am advertising.. Despite my spelling on here, i make sure to double, triple check my spelling.. lol. I think these days on craigslist people just want cheap. I have had one call for an aeration in the fall from craigslist, the guy just wanted to haggle the price, i held my ground and it ended up being a decent little job. I had to convince him that if joe blow did it for $25.00 and ran the aerator through his house, or went up side a car with it.. do you think joe blow is insured? lol.. Its just hard to stand out when most people on there want cheap.. i still keep an ad up there regularly, because yeah.. any free advertising can't hurt.

  9. toddharmon

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    I am looking to add pressure washing services. Can anyone suggest a good pressure washer? 2700 psi-3000 psi? Any thoughts on how much I should charge for say a 2500 sq ft home? Linear ft of driveways? I just opened my company in November and would welcome any and all tips/advice. I have a toro time cutter ss3200 zero turn mower. Toro weed eater, echo back pack blower echo gas edger, pole saw, electric hedge trimmers. Standard garden tools, shovels rakes etc. anyone think of anything I might be missing? I hope to land some pressure washing jobs because I feel it would be quick money. Thoughts?


    Any thoughts on my website? Www.allstarscapes.com. Where all should I list online?
  10. inzane

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    you probally should start you a thread in the website/ seo area, theres alot of helpful people on here. i'm no web designer by any means, but looks like yours could use alot of work. check out getlisted.org, input your business name and zip. thats a start on where to list your business.


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