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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JimD40, Apr 3, 2014.

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    Use stihl. They stand behind there equipment and make very power stuff. Dont buy cheap because you will regret it when you have to replace it in 6 mouths.
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    HAHAHA. This is the best advice i have heard on here. Great to see people are finally sharing their secrets.
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    Did you'll hire lawyers to.do.the llc paperwork? I just went the Wisconsin's government website and filled it... I have an accountant and insurance, but.no lawyer
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    I got a very nice 6 X 14 trailer all set up with some goodies for sale as I pulled the pin and getting out completely. If any is interested email me at mowmygrass@yahoo.com or on here. I can email pix and info.
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    you don't need a lawyer to file an LLC… you can use an online wizard nearly as simple as installing microsoft office, to get an LLC.

    In fact, I doubt the lawyer even does the work for you… he pushes stuff like that off onto a paralegal.
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    Yeah I think it must be different in other states the way guys talk about using lawyers accountants and all this other stuff to form one. In Wisconsin its easier to file yourself than it is to give someone else all the information.
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    LLC is a tax entity separating yourself from the business… nothing more, as such it isn't any more complicated to file as one from state to state.

    I think it's more likely lawyers in certain areas market this idea that "you can't do this without me" stratagem in those areas, where lawyers in others areas are too bust to bother with monopolizing something as mundane as wandering down to the library to check out a library book.

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