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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by brownspropertymaintenance, Mar 15, 2008.

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    Have a growing business and want to go "green." I've been reading posts all day long about CGM, compost teas, and a bunch of other things. My head feels like its going to explode! Unfortunately I do not have a lot of time to really do research and such (im a mow, blow and go guy as ICT Bill would say:)) and my customers will not wait for results. What products (alternatives for synthetic pesticides, herbicides & fertilizers) should I use that's cost efficient, has quick results, and easy to use? Do I need an application license if I am using organic products?
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    Do your soils consist mostly of sand like Florida is popular for?
    Do not expect quick results with any soil or climate, because you are essentially raising microbes to build soil and release nutrients for you. Building a population of anything takes time and attention.
    So expect to continue your standard treatments (occasionally) until you have built up your soil to the point of natural nutrient supply. treegal is probably most familiar with what might work best down there.
    You could start experimenting with charcoal.
    Otherwise just start putting stuff down that you can get ahold of and fertilize only when necessary to keep the customers happy. The only way to learn is by 'doing' and checking the results personally.
    Do not send crews to your organic jobs until you see that the lawn is working ok then you can train someone else. If 2 or more of you can 'learn' together that would be great.
    good luck.
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    to cross over, the first thing we do is feed with an org fert.
    then we spread a top dress layer of super compost, all the good stuff, manure wood sea weed fruit waste. then try to hit it with a lot of tea, try to get it in the sand deep where it stay-es wet.set your cut to 3 or 4 inches, and sharpen the blades. when you do this wash of your mower deck real well, pathogens spread this way.next try some fish clove neem rosemary OILS to get the bad bugs on the run then more tea. most yards the first time we charge a start up fee, test the soil,hand pull weeds,spot spray the needed areas with pyretherins only if you have to,add cmg or some other Pgr. we are working on the holly grail of lawn care a cheap1$ per gallon spray weed and feed that will kill dollar weed and weedilla in about 3 hours. cant say more now but there is a product for every day of the week.
    just be ware of northern products some dont work in fl. heat water sun there is always a reason.

    say hello to mickey for me :waving:

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