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Going the extra mile


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Beaverton, OR
I recently read somewhere (maybe here) that some companies did extra little things to improve their image to potential clients. For instance, I think I remember reading that one company hauled away debris for the neighbors of their clients. Another one painted lamp posts. I thought these were very clever ideas that definitely help promote a good image for the company.

So I am interested in hearing about other examples of companies going that extra mile, specifically those deeds that are done for people who aren't existing clients.

Also, what results have you seen from this? Has it lead to new clients?


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several of my "little old lady" customers know that if they ask me to do a little something extra, that I always will.

it invariably starts with "mr. GEO, do you know anyone that I can get to paint that post?"

and I always do whatever the simple request is. sometimes I will have to schedule the time to do the chore and come back on a slow day.

these requests have to be within reason or obviously I can't do them. and I always expect to be paid a little something extra for the job. that keeps the customer/lawncare provider relationship in proper perspective.



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Our mowing crews are instructed to make sure the papers are on the stoops if the carrier missed their shot.

I also DEMAND that no matter how busy our schedule we always return trash cans and recycling bins to the sides of homes if they are empty upon arrival.



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Air conditioners are usually brought up and taken back to the basement for customers on weekends in the spring and fall. The guys always receive a tip from our customer and time and a half from me for their efforts in their checks.

I personally keep a rolodex of b-days and anniversaries for customers. Gift certifcates for anniversaries range in price according to their contracts. The most we have spent to date was $250.00 at a local ***** star restaurant. At halloween i keep booklets of mikeyd's coupons for their kids handy. Xmas they all recieve hand written thankyou's endorsed by our employee's. Most of the guys want stamps for their names but I think the ink keeps it personal and has a far better impact.



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NE Ohio
We do little "odd" jobs for customers. Paper is always on the door step , garbage cans are rolled in, paper/debris is always removed from the lawn, we also do small jobs for neighbors and it usually turns into a job later down the road.

LJ lawn

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it has been my experience that doing something nice (some customers excluded) always resulted in getting taken advantage of.once they have the case of the could you's, it doesn't seem to end.then they expect it (whatever it is) done regularly.don't get me wrong ,i try to be as nice as possible,but these people round' here could give a rat's ass if you keeled over dead in the street,they'd just complain that your lifeless corpse was blocking their driveway and they couldn't park the benz.


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i feel that what you do will come back. If you put forth the extra effort it will come back @ you further down the road. Our future is hidden in what we do daily.


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Central Florida
We are always doing little (and sometimes not-so-little) things for customers. Alot of customers are based right around where we live. We take the trash cans back to house for a lot of them, pick the paper up and put it next to the door, take the mail to the house, even if it's not a mowing day. Keep in mind, we don't do this for everybody, and it only take ten minutes or so average to do all 5 or 6 we do it for. Yeah, there are those that take advantage of you but what the hell.

As far as work related freebies....setting sprinkler conrollers leads my list. Customers try to set these themselves all the time and we have to fix it, rarely for a fee. My Dad even goes as far as to go to a few customers house to cover the plants before a freeze, even supplying the materials.
I sprayed Round-Up on a patch of bermuda grass that was no bigger than a doormat without charge for an 80 year old lady next to one of my accounts. That lady asked me how much it would cost and when I said no charge, she couldn't beleive it. Said nobody ever did that for her. I have no interest in obtaining her as a customer, but you can bet she won't have a problem when I accidently blow a few leaves on her property!

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