Going to be a good year for lawn renovations!

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    I strictly do L&O work now, but five or six years ago when i had more time than customers, i marketed core aeration to my existing customer base of 99% St Aug lawns.

    I believe about 20-25% agreed to the service, so i rented an aerator for a week and made some nice money.

    I found the best results were to the older, obviously compacted lawns. Especially if they had larger trees where the root system was also contributing to the compaction .
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    No question there would be a need. Another one would be fairy ring protocol of aerating and top dressing with disease free soil. I just think as a blanket statement on sandy soils SA verticutting would be in higher demand
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    I almost always sign up another customer while doing verticutting. The compaction from mower tires is real for sure. One other sign of that compaction is the differing weeds growing in those ruts and not elswhere in the lawn because some weeds are more prevalent in compacted soil. I don't think Chris has a lot of hacked lawns with mower ruts though.

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    All my zoysia lawns are brown while my st.Augustine are green. Zoysia lawns only are only nice to walk on with bare feet in the summer and that's about it. St.Augustine is my favorite grass to cut.
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  5. BINGO. A lot of my St. Aug lawns have either large palms or trees or both that are creating compaction due to the roots. Our soils here, or at least the soils on my properties is very good rich dirt. I have one account in a neighborhood that has pretty big oaks on every single property. Every single lawn in this neighborhood(well, at least the fronts) can greatly benefit from Aeration.
  6. Excellent point and one I was going to make. One easy sign of compaction is dollarweed and creeping dayflower. I have a property with about 20-K of Floratam that is only 3.5 years old, but they installed pretty decent sized oaks around the entire front. Long story short, both of those weeds have been a problem for the past 3.5 years. This lawn could greatly benefit from Aeration. Think about all the yardboys who run 60" mowers on tiny lots, compaction city. Also think about lawns that have say 2-K or so of turf. Even if you run a 21" on that lawn, its so small foot traffic is going to always be a problem. Needless to say, I think there is a big need for Aeration here. I just need to get your average St. Augustine customer on board with it.
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    I wasn't trying to say there isnt a benefit. Sand will actually compact too because of low tensile strength it crushes down and compacts because of it.

    I like the look of well maintained St. Augustine myself but man do those reel cut lawns Gardner and greendoc are maintaining look awesome. I think I would prefer reel cut hybrid Bermuda over zoysia, but that's all based in theory and not actual experience.
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    Seems to always be in the compaction, almost exclusively
  9. I don't have any hybrid Bermuda(yet), but I know it is a lot of work as it needs 2x/week cutting in the summer. Def. wouldn't be bad as your making a lot of money doing that, but it may be difficult as rain can really mess that up. I would like to see some hybrid Bermuda in person myself.
  10. Yes, I agree 100%. I hate when that weed gets in a lawn, it is a PITA.

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