Going to be a good year for lawn renovations!

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. yea this was a case where the homeowner was thinking straight but the clown friend had no idea what they were talking about....
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    St Augustine has become preferred in low maintenance areas where reel mowing and heavy chemical use is out of the question. I see it used on street medians instead of common bermuda. Zoysia is never used on that type of site for the reasons I stated above and the cost. Common bermuda would remain common bermuda only long enough to get through the 120 day post construction inspection before reverting to brush.
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    I was thinking the same thing. If zoysia isn't suitable for the area for whatever reason or reasons why not re sod with St Augustine? Sod doesn't cost half what it does in Hawaii. I bet the renovation might cost as much as the tear out and re sod. Only looks like a couple thousand square feet.

    Even if the reason is the home owner doesn't want to commit to proper long term care required for zoysia.
  4. One of my new accounts that i aerified today. 3 months of contractors walking all over the zoysia resulted in this.
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    At least they didn't seem to rut it up too bad
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  6. yea just compaction out the wazoo. this one doesnt need to be verticut but i will aerify again in the spring and topdress.
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  7. these people are selling the house come summer. they actually werent allowed to put zoysia in so i have a feeling they may resod with st Aug.
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    All it takes is one zoysia lawn on the street and everyone gets to deal with a high maintenance mess. Good thing I know how to damage zoysia where it has become a weed.
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    I'm listening just in case I ever need to know.

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