Going to buy my first mower, should i get this one..?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rppaving, Feb 4, 2013.

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    exmarkking- Look at the two pictures posted. How is a home owner hiring a professional suppose to know one is a $3000 model and one is a $5000 model? I would suggest a wore out WB over the Cub too. But, the Cub would be a good start. The only thing that I didn't like about it was I thought the 50" cut was too wide. I like a 48" better.
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    Do not get the cub cadet! Different people have different experiences with them sure, but its not nearly as reliable as any of the big COMMERCIAL brands. Plus you probably cant get good, fast service for it when it does break down. I speak from experience, I started with homeowner stuff because it was all I had access to, talk about frustration and headaches. Nothing is worse than being halfway through a clients hard and something going wrong in the middle of the day. You cant put a price on reliability.

    That being said, its not bad for the money. I'd advise a homeowner to get it for sure. If you dont have any other options, I'd buy it, and as soon as I could afford something commercial, I'd sell it. Hopefully you'd be able to upgrade in a few months when the summer cash flow is rolling in.

    The wright stander would be a better start out machine in my opinion.
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    I started with what I could afford. If you are going for residential accounts I don't think most home owners would know it was a residential mower nor would they care. Yes it's not a "commercial mower" but you can use it to start. There are several dealers in your area, here's the link, http://www.cubcadet.com/equipment/S...ategory=1353414|6.&zipCode=14204&proximity=50 Then again you could repair it yourself if you are mechanically inclined. Again with all the Cub Cadet dealers around you parts shouldn't be a problem. Hope this helps.
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    I would go with the stander. It has a lot of hours but that's what it's built for. Make your money with it add sell it next season. Just remember that it is a fixed desk so changing cutting height is going to be a pain. Good luck.
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    There is nothing wrong with starting with that cub cadet. I think you could spend $1800 more efficiently though. I personally have 4 machines. 3 60 inch zero turns and 1 36 walkbehind. The first machine I EVER got was a 36 inch walkbehind. Many yards have small gates, and this mower will not get back there. The 36 inch walk behind will. If you get a sulky you can ride it, and still cut some decent sized properties. A 36 inch walkbehind can be found used, in good shape for about $1500. Id do that, and start by getting smaller accounts. Then as you grow, get bigger machines. In my experience, you will ALWAYS need a 36 inch walkbehind, because lots of accounts have small gates for the back yard. Just my .02
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    My opinion is buy a walk behind 36 inch or larger leave the big yards to the (big boys) I make way more money doing small resid. yards than anything over an acre or more and the eqip. sure is a lot cheaper, I only mow weekly or by-weekly or nothing I am picky about my yards and only want customers that want really nice yards and don't mind $keeping them that way. Sorry for rambling on lol.
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    Your prob right about a homeowner not knowing the difference, but they will notice when the property is half cut because that mower broke down. Bottom line is, any machine will break because its mechanical and used hard but using homeowner stuff is just asking for it. With the money he has to spend, he can get a descent 36" commercial walk behind. It won't kill him to walk everything for a season or two then upgrade to a rider.
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