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    I'm in the binghamton ny area and I want to know if I need a small business licence to mow. I've been mowing a few yards for a few years but this spring I am going to get a business going. I am just going to do yards and possibly a couple apartments, I'm not going to mow for businesses or not right away at least. Also I'm not going to advertise, I'm just going to talk to people about getting yards and ask people if they know anyone that wants there yard mowed. I am going to use a regular mower(not a commercial mower, at least not right away). Do I need to get a licence or can I go without one? Any advise on what I need to do to get a mowing business going is appreciated. Thanks!
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    yes you should get a business license. it doesnt cost that much just head on down to your local courthouse and fill out the papers. It costs about 30 bucks to get mine. The only thing that is bad about having the business license is that if you just have an Assumed Name certificate (google it to know what that means) you need to file taxes quarterly.

    I would go with a sole propriotorship if you stay small. but remember that with that type of business structure YOU are PERSONALLY liable for any damages and/or debts incurred while doing business.

    Technically you need to file what you make by mowing these yards on the side already on your 1040 form so you might as well get the business license. with a business license you can also have various deductions associated with the business and use them for periodic personal use, ex office supplies & stamps, and assorted tools to repair any broken equipment. don't get over zealous with this because if the IRS audits you (and is likely if you're being greedy and deduct every penny) you will spend more in fines than just paying for it in the first place. KEEP YOUR RECIEPTS.

    For setting up a small business go to: http://www.sba.gov and they have just about everything you need. as far as tax forms and due dates like that the IRS actually has a section on their website (www.irs.gov) devoted to small business.

    As far as getting commercial equipment i wouldnt worry too much about it. you can stay with the cheap residential stuff for a while and when it does break just buy the commercial grade equipment (if you wish to stay in the business). The good thing about doing that is that you don't have to cover all the equipment costs up front and be in debt, usually the mower breaks first, then the weed eater, then the blower, etc.

    in regards to mowing appartments, if you mean appartment complexes you're fooling yourself about using residential equipment. You need commercial grade equipment not only to provide a professional image but superior quality and actually make profit for your time working.

    as far as advertising goes it's pretty expensive to do but is required if you want to up your business up a notch. for the most part getting residential clients is done by word of mouth or by doing a good job on a neighbor's yard.

    hope this helps :cool2:

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