Going to GIE+EXPO to see the Compost Spreaders

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Rick13, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Rick13

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    I think Earth and Turf has a great machine that's built like a little tank! And they will have a new front broadcasting disk unit coming to GIE this October....just like Ecolawn.

    For me, I think Ecolawn is faster because it can broadcast larger areas...and they now have an attachment/guard that spreads the compost to the right side...so you can run the Ecolawn around the boarder of the yard, remove the guard, and then open up the machine to spread 6' to 12' based on moisture of product.

    Earth and Turf is 3' drop pattern, very neat, clean, with less clean up. But I would use my Echo Blower and clean the over sprayed areas and get done quicker with the Ecolawn.

    But both machines are very good!!!

    Up North, we don't use sand very much....and I will be using compost....so for me Ecolawn is the best for my uses. And after Monday, demoing the Ecolawn 200....might be the best of all. Larger hopper, two front broadcasting disks, and should be able to handle more moisture than the Ecolawn 100.

    I'm getting 7 yards of compost Monday morning in my dump trailer, and I'll see what the new Ecolawn 200 can do!?!?
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    What prices are you seeing? I got some info in the mail today on the ecolawn
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  3. Rick13

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    Ecolawn $5,500 for model 100
    Ecolawn around $6,000 + for new model 200

    Earth and Turf.....I thought it was over $6,300.00 for 100 SP model
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    I run an Earth and Turf Multispread 220 tow behind spreader. Moves a bunch of material in a hurry if you can keep it loaded. A little unwieldy on small properties, looking at a walk behind model for these.

    On the pricing I've been charging 2.75 times material and seem to have no problem selling it. According to this thread I'm way too low.

    Informative thread, keep the replies coming.
  5. Rick13

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    One way I explain to customers is this way....

    If you order 5 yards of mulch....here in Northern IL....they charge you $35.00 a yard (times 5 = $175.00) The company also charges a fee for delivery anywhere from $35.00 to $60.00....just to drop the mulch in the driveway.

    The price for 5 yards of mulch is now $210.00 to $235.00. Now you have to get your wheel barrel out, shovel, push it to your flower beds, dump it, rake out the mulch, and then go back for another load of mulch. And you will do this until the mulch pile is gone. Which equals a few hours or a weekend of hard work.

    Or, you can have me bring you 5 yards of compost (heavier than mulch), put it in my compost spreader, spread it through out your whole yard, maybe run a drag mat to level the yard out some (can always up charge for this service also) and all the customer has to do, is write a check or pay cash....and their done.

    I can get 5 yards of compost for $75.00...charge them 4 times the material for $300.00...maybe tack a delivery fee if you want a little more money...otherwise....you explain it in terms on what they are getting, what a great deal it is, and best of all....they don't have to move anything....saving their backs and sore feet.

    So for an extra $90.00 to $65.00....compared to mulch....you will spread the compost through their yard. Once they start thinking.....its a no brainer. They feel like their getting a deal on the material...and you are making just a little money on labor....at least that's how they figure when you explain it to them in these terms.

    You can always change the numbers....but when you explain that they will not have to do the work, moving any materials, and waste their whole weekend working hard in their yard....they say, "When can you do it".

    All you are comparing is 5 yards of mulch to 5 yards of compost and everyone makes out on this deal!!!

    And they might think their smart and ask you to spread their mulch for the same labor price of spreading compost....and you can explain to them that spreading mulch you have to be careful around their plants....and that's why labor for spreading mulch cost more. And spreading compost....nothing is in your way....unlike mulch, because of all their plants... the price has to go up.
  6. Rick13

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    Just an Update: Keith from Ecolawn sent me a picture this a.m.... of their Ecolawn 100 (on the left) compared to their new model Ecolawn 200 (on the right).

    The Ecolawn 200 has two broadcasting wheels. One turning left and the other turning right. Keith said this way you get better coverage when spreading your materials.

    I am still seeing him tomorrow (Monday, October 1) at 10 am. Hope to get some more pictures and maybe a few videos of the Ecolawn 200...so I can show my customers on my new website (work in progress)...coming soon.

    I let you know what I think once we get done with 7 yards of compost tomorrow.

    Ecolawn 100 & Ecolawn 200.JPG
  7. grassmasterswilson

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    Like the idea of 2 spinners....would def give you a more even coverage out of the hopper. It also looks like the 200 may have a bigger hopper.

    Take some notes and let us know how it goes. I'd be interested in the time it takes(difference in 100 vs 200), number of loads you had, etc.
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  9. Rick13

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    So the machine worked great for Northern IL compost. Keith....said (some reason I like to call him Kevin???) anyways....Keith said that we have some of the best compost he's ever seen!!!

    And based on how well your compost is, would have a huge effect on how well their or any machine would run.

    I was pleased with the way it handled, spreading was easy, in fact....I've got a yard I need to do today....so this is why its so short....I will update more later.

    But here's a few pictures of just getting the compost, and compost in the yard. No drag mat way ran through the yard.

    Oh yeah....three hoppers = one cubic yard.

    smaller Compost 1.jpg

    smaller Compost 6.jpg

    smaller Compost 13 Spreading Front Yard.jpg

    smaller Compost 27 After Compost.jpg
  10. Snapper12

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    That's some SUPER dry compost or it's very light in color for other reasons.

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