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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Rick13, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Rick- Have you come up with a great way to fill your Eco-lawn? My sister-in-law will be doing much of the new sand topdressing and I'd love to streamline things for her. Anyone ever think to trim the hopper height by 5-7 inches to allow it to fit under the edge of a standard truck tailgate? I have a load-handler where you simply crank the side handle to convey the material to the back. In the past I tried backing up onto Rhino ramps to increase the height so I could crank it right into the hopper but that wasn't so great having to crank it up-hill. She might just end up having to drive the Isuzu dumptruck job to job & fill it out of the back of that 'cause the Tundra can't hold much anyhow.
    Concerning moisture- you are much better off dry 'cause that prevents excessive bridging in the unit. Here's a pic of my most recent screener to separate any tid-bits of rubbish that was misssed in the compost. Amazing how a $100 slap-together expanded metal sheet gives me a powdery material compared to my suppliers $250k unit.

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    Hi Adam,

    Yeah, I'm lucky because My Organic Compost Center screens their material really well. But that's a nice set up you have there.

    I was going to make a ramp in the rear of my dump trailer, but since it sits so high....I just scoop the organic compost into the Ecolawn Spreader. Here's a few pictures of My Set-up.

    I shovel from the top of the trailer and it takes about 3 minutes for me to fill the Ecolawn Hopper....and about 35 seconds to empty it. But the top of the Ecolawn Spreader is almost parallel to the dump trailer (3.5 inches off) but its still good to me....so gravity doesn't work that much against me.....compared to shoveling it off the ground.

    I can empty My Dump Trailer (7' x 16') by myself in 3.5 hours. That includes broadcasting new grass seed in the yard, fill and empty the Ecolawn Spreader, and Spread a little over 10,000 pounds of Organic Compost.

    Yes, its a workout....so I don't go to the gym during the Spring, Summer, Fall months!!! :laugh:

    I also have an aluminum step stool that makes getting into the dump trailer easier.

    Yeah, I would skip the Tundra Truck....they ride nice but you're right....can't hold much weight. I used to have a 2003 Toyota Tundra and when I would hook up My Red Load Trailer...it would drop in the rear pretty good. Great driving truck....but not good with heavy weights.

    Have her take the dump truck. I should in a week or two have pictures of My carrier that carries My Ecolawn Spreader. It's your normal hitch 2" and it holds the spreader great! Comes with two little ramps and you might be able to fill up your drump truck with sand and then carry the Ecolawn Spreader off the hitch.?.? Just a thought.

    So get My stuff out of storage in a week or two...then I will post the pictures. Good luck!!!

    Ecolawn 200 Organic Compost Spreader.jpg

    Side View Ecolawn 200 Organic Compost Spreader.jpg

    Rear View Ecolawn 200 Organic Compost Spreader.jpg
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    Gravity my friend, gravity. You've got an awesome trailer there & I hate to see you work so hard while that expensive well able piece of steel just sits there & lets you do all the lifting. Here's a pic of Thursdays Tee-Box 10 cubic yard topdressing. One advantage I had was to start at one end and spread the short distance as bent stripes then pull the truck forward 35' & refill the machine. After about one hour and 10 minutes I was finished. Which inclued a double pass. I didn't want to risk going too heavy & not having enough to cover the entire area so when I got to the end & had 4 hopper worths left I spread them lengthwise. All completed without one shovel scoop,,,,no not one. Didn't even have a shovel on the truck. The thing I have to be careful of is not depressing the brakes too sharply & creating a flow 'cause it totally wants to run downhill while raised like this.

    You can see the orange Vibco Vibrator there so if it gets clumped up at times I'll give it a 4-6 second buzz to loosen things up & get some steady flow going.

    By the looks of it I see you are not at least closing the back trailer doors after scooping off the rear 4 feet of material then raising the dump-box to bring the material to you. Lower the box flat again & re-open the doors & ya have another 4 feet to work with hanging right there off the edge.
    I can't help but be thinking of ways to make work easier the whole time I'm working. It's so second nature like driving that you can utilize the time. I always ask new help if they see an easier or better way to do things. I'm not one of those "We've been doing it this way for 100 years" guys. Unless of course they suggest something I've already tried.


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    I hope nobody here suggest a funnel feature on this 'cause it doesn't work at all (trust me I have the steel wing inserts laying over at my brothers house to prove it. Besides you want this 7.5' width so you can be filling 2 machines at the same time without crowding up.
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    Has anyone already tried using these motorcycle tire spinners with their Eco-Lawn? As you know the tires have to be moving for the conveyor & spinner to work. There was just one time that I was using it as a power wheel-barrow to take dirt to a garden in the backyard & I'd have to go round & round to empty. With a pair of these you'd simply drive up on them & engage everything to start slinging the material into a 6' wide pile, pull backward when empty & go reload.

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    Hi Adam,
    I do the dump lifting to get more organic compost to the rear gates. I just didn't the third time....I was almost done and it didn't take too long.

    That's the plus of have a dump truck compared to a dump trailer...the weight missing in the rear of my dump trailer can make it a little unsafe...not being able to evenly spread out the weight of the organic compost.

    With your dump truck....the frame keeps everything in line....not so much with an uneven loaded trailer.

    But I like your idea!

    I am going to add sides to the dump trailer hopefully tomorrow...if it doesn't rain too much. Take them to my buddy's shop and paint the wood black, then in a day or two attach them to the dump trailer.

    Then I'll take a few pictures with the Ecolawn Spreader attached to the rear of the dump trailer.

    The weather is finally breaking into the 50 & low 60's and we've had rain the last few days....everything is starting to get "GREEN" now!!!!

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