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Going to look at a 2008 61" ferris DD WB.

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I'm going to look at 2008 61" Ferris DD Walk behind tonight. I guess it's in great shape and has roughly 50 hrs on it. He only used it one big lawn all last summer. It was bought in October of 2008 as a left over. And wasn't used til last year. He's asking $5200 obo.
With that said.... I found out that these are about $6700 brand new.(In Syracuse, NY). I'm trying to find out pricing on these models but cant find any average price for a used machine.
Does it seem like $5000 is an average price, given the condition is good?
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I don't know if you are interested, but you can get a snapper sw30 61" for 5199 brand new. The mower is almost the exact same as the Ferris (which I have and love) aside from no thumb control overide, no sensor grips, and instead of eaton it has hydro gear 3100 transaxle.
Thanks for the info touhey. I just went to look at the ferris and it's in excellent condition. It's been garage kept and looks barely used. I'll have to get new blades and belts and get it serviced.
I'm gonna sleep on it tonight but I think I might be able to get it for 4800$. Which I think is fair.
It's a big investment for me, but it will also give me the drive to get a lot more accts.
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Its a great mower you won't regret it.
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