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going to look at a used ransome 48",?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by buttaluv, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. buttaluv

    buttaluv LawnSite Senior Member
    from MidWest
    Messages: 569

    I'm going to look at a used bobcat ransome 48", belt drive, comes with a bagger, and 3 sets of blades, the motor is a year and a half old, he said it had a 14 hp pull start and he put a 17 hp electric start on it, both were briggs and stratton. I know some don't like briggs, but I've always had good luck with them. I think the mower itself is pretty old, he wants $1000.00 for it so I could probably get it for $800.00. I mow about 8 yards right now, but would like to mow about 15, and I just don't have the money to buy a new one at 4 grand for a nice hydro. So what do you guys think????

  2. Mac V2.0

    Mac V2.0 LawnSite Member
    from Mid OH
    Messages: 92

    as long as the deck is in good shape, its kinda hard to kill belt drive wbs.
  3. GTLC

    GTLC LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 700

    i tried one w/ 14 hp kawi and loved it except the pistol grips were designed for really big hands, so you really had to choke up on the pistol grips to get full control.
  4. buttaluv

    buttaluv LawnSite Senior Member
    from MidWest
    Messages: 569

    well, I went and tested it out, started right off, ran good, the deck is starting to get some rust on it, don't know how big of a deal that is??? it is definately going to need a new belt for the blades and the drive belts weren't all that great. I'm going to call tomorrow and see how much they are. the bagger is pretty nice, it's the metal basket type. he has 3 sets of blades one of which is a gator blade set. oh yeah the tires weren't all that great either but I don't think any of these things are anything to worry about, it is pretty old though..

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