Going to mow this year, what do i need?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MR HYDROSEED, Jan 1, 2006.


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    I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times over, but I could really use the advice please. This will be my third year in the landscape business, things are going pretty. I absolutely love what i'm doing and concider myself rather lucky to be doing something that i enjoy so much. The downside of being Mr. Hydroseed is that business is very slow during the off peak grass growing season. It wasn't so bad have a nice vacation during the hot summer months but trying to keep my workers busy was nerve racking. I never wanted to do lawn maintenance, because I thought it was just too much work for the money, but money is money. I plan on buying a 16' enclosed trailer this spring, but can't decide on what mower(s) to put in there. I first thought i wanted a wide, fast mower. Then i thought i wanted something small that could collect grass and leaves in the fall like a Walker. Are there anydrawbacks to getting a Walker? Now i don't know???:dizzy: I never thought i needed a walk behind, do I? Do i need to collect clippings? Will i go out to do quotes and get people that insist on having there clippings collected? I also probably going to buy used and will only have a budget of maybe $10,000 for trailer and mower(s) I already have (3) BR420 blowers and a 33cc Kawasaki trimmer, leaf vac, and tons of hand tools. What else do i need?
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    can you give us an idea of what your properties are like? that will give us a better understanding of what equipment choices to give you.
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    What kind of proerties are you going after? Just servicing the ones you've seeded? Are most props flat and wide or lots of hills? Mostly open or lots of trees and bushes? There are so many variables. Yes there will always be some PITA's that want the clippings removed. Walker advantages, decks change out easily and they vacuum nice but at least in my area they are disappearing. For leaves most guys seem to use blowers and leaf loaders so that is easier than dropping alot on a mower for mainly leaves. I'd definatley get a back up weedeater though. Did you list any hedge trimmer? Don't remember. Stick edger would be good to have too. How many guys are you going to have on your crew? These are all factors you will want to consider. Most mower choices come down to personal preference and dealer support. Stay away from the more off beat brands and you should be fine. Most good brand name machines today are of good quality.
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    If you're going after small lawns, go with a small mower, something like a 36" or so. edger is a must too.

    The mowers will take up a good part of your $10k budget, so buy used if you can find decent looking ones to start with.
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    Your choice consists of the terrian like everyone said. If your mowing on the flat ZTR's ( zero turn radis ) are what you want. If you have hill sides to cut (more than 30 degrees) then you want a walkbehind. And you will always need a 21" mower. Walkers are nice and have the attachments but they are pricey. Your best bet is to start small then build up. I would say get a
    52" ZTR, a 36" walkbehind, and a 21". Another weedeater, hedgetrimmer, and and edger. Then see how your business goes/grows and then decide what to do from there.

    My personal choice for mowers are snapper I have ran them all and own 2. But whoever has the best dealer suppost will be your best bet. But I would stick with snapper, gravely, scag, exmark, wright, ferris, and hustler, for mowers. Hand helds, shindaiwa (my fav.), stihl and husqvarna.

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