Going to purchase a Toro 36" or 32" but have some ????'s!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnboy48195, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Lawnboy48195

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    Hey guys,

    I just went to my local Toro dealer and priced a Toro 36" pistol grip fixed deck for $2945 and a bag was going to be an extra $300. A 32" was $100 cheaper than the 36" but it doesn't have the "Turbo Force" adjustable baffle that comes with the 36". Is it really worth the $100 for the extra 4" cut and the "Turbo Force"? I understand that the 32" can pretty much get into tighter areas than the 36" along with getting thru gates so do you think I should go 32" or 36"? I only cut around 20 - 23 residential lawns per week and I do this as a side job, not full time.

    Also, when the salesman was explaining to me how to work the pistol grips I want to make sure I understand something. If I put the machine in 4th gear does that mean that it's always trotting along in that gear no matter what or as I squeeze the pistol grips the faster it will move up until it reaches the 4th gear speed? So if I had to slow down for some reason I would let off the pistol grips and the machine would back off rather than having to move the lever to 1st gear to putz along a flower bed or something!! I thought that's what the salesman said but I just want to be sure - Thanks alot guys!
  2. LCPullman

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    I would recommend the 36". Besides the baffle, the deck is a tougher deck, all 7-gauge, with the bull-nose bumper. I believe that the 32" is 10 gauge top construction with 7-gauge skirt.
    Unless you have a real lot of small gates, I think the 36" would be the better choice.

    The drive is what I would call infinitely variable. You put it in 4th gear and you have an infinitely variable drive between 0 mph and 4th gear speed, depending on how much you pull/release the levers.

    Actually on pistol grip, you let the levers down to engage drive and pull them up (toward the handle bar) to release drive and engage brake.
  3. LindblomRJ

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    If you have a lot of small gates get the 32." Either one is a good option. I guess take a look at your properties and make a decision.

    I like my 32" with T-bar, but I am having engine troubles right now. A no spark condition.
  4. lawnboy dan

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    check the magneto ! mine went out but after 10 yrs. dont buy a pistol grip toro when the awesume t bar is also offered . you will thank us later. just demo both -you will see!
  5. delphied

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    I have a toro 44 and wouldnt have anything less. It will go thru a 48 gate and anything less may as well be a 21
  6. coonman

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    Let me save you alot of frustration. We bought a 36 inch stander a few years ago. We had 80-100 residentials, we could only get through about half the gates. We spent $5000 on a mower that we could only use here and there. Go with the 32, the 4inches won't amount to anything and at least you will be able to use your $3000 investment.

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