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Going to try and make this a business.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by FART HEAD, Dec 21, 2009.


    FART HEAD LawnSite Member
    Messages: 17

    i tried about a year go to kind of get an idea. did the craigs list for customers, ended up getting an middle eastern guys yard. think india not sure anyways i told him 30 bucs. so i get there and only have a 22 inch push murray mower, 5 years old that only mulches and a weed eater brand trimmer. he gives me his blower to use while im there and i use the trimmer to edge, which really sucked. so i ended up telling him when he ask me about baging that every 3rd cut i will. meaning every month and a half. i hated collecting payments they had to always be there, i couldnt go when i wanted. i happened to get a old mower with bagger, used it to bag his lawn.then i realized i needed to dump the 8 bags. with no where to dump them and both my mowers going out, one had bad blade froze bolt so i couldn't get it off, the other one fuel filter went bad. so i took the 8 bags and dumped by where the city has to pick them up and pulled quickly into a yard of where a cop lives. i backed out and went the other way not knowing if i was seen or not, would of been a fine for sure. i realized right then and there that day, i was not ready for this unless i had a better business plan and equipment, so i stoped going they turned into pitas anyways. looking to start strong and better then ever in 2010. :drinkup:

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