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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by David Gretzmier, May 17, 2008.

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    What method works best for going under sidewalks? I have tried the long flex drillbit thing, and that works ok for smallish sidewalks 24-36". I've never tried it for 5 footers, and I've bid a few jobs where using the expansion joints and caulking over is not really an option due to brick trim. have any of you guys tried the various sidewalk stuff out there?

    I remember reading a thread about a fitting on a piece of pvc you hammer in, and someone else mentioned a hose end fitting that worked with water. What works best for Low voltage cable, running one or two 10ga?
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    Dave. I often do sidewalks 4 to 5 ft with my bit method. Works very well.

    The sidewalk tunnel kit avalible at lowes for 3 or 4 bucks works very well too.

    I just did 3 sidewalks ranging from 3 to 5 ft across in about 30 min including the digging with the sidewalk tunnel kit (water jet) If you use 3/4 inch pipe you can pull a couple of 10ga thru it. If I need more I either do it twice or if the soil is soft push 1 inch pipe

    Dont do this under pavers unless there is a concrete base!
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    I have an easy sleeve that you slide a 1" piece of electrical condiut over the drive and slamm it with the sledge. We have hard soils here and the water jet just makes a big mess. Anyway, you pound you conduit under the sidewalk and pull the metal driving too back out and vwalla, instant sleeve, more or less. This thing would be fanstastic in softer soils, but if you hit a rock prepare for some pounding.
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    I just get a piece of metal conduit, cut it a little longer than need it , smash it flat, add some tape to keep dirt out, use a piece of wood on the other end and start driving it where i want it, then cut the smashed end off, deburr it and run my wires.....works for me..good luck.
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    huh, why didn't I ever think of that.
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    That is a good idea.
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    EMT (metal conduit) is not rated for underground use and will corrode through in a couple of years.
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    You guy's are killing yourselves. After coming here last year asking the same question, some kind person recommended The Bullet Mole. It is the best tool investment we ever made ! The guys doing it have it down now to around 12-16 minutes, going through clay and rock. There is so little resistance in touch with the soil, thats the key.


    Bullet Mole http://www.bulletmole.com/ The video is not fluff.

    Paul, did you ever get one?

    edit - after reading my thread, Joey was the kind soul. :D
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    for longer bores I could see that being useful... for 6ft and under I will stick to my flex bit. I only need to dig a trench about 1.5 to 2 ft back ft back and then a small pit on the other side... I can then flex it enough to slip it horozontal.

    The not having to dig that huge trench for a sidewalk or something smaller is a huge time savings not to mention saves significant property disruption.

    Another similar method would be just use a copper ground rod and hammer it home. When I do that I like to put a bow in it.

    I do like the mole idea for driveways but its so much easier for me just to sub out thoes bores

    What size pipes are you guys installing ? We typically just use sch 40 pvc between half and 1 inch.

    Reminds me of a funny story. We did a job last week that had 3 sidewalks... as soon as we punched em all we found the 4 inch pvc's put in during construction.

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