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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by A+ Lawncare, May 23, 2005.

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    i'm thinkin about getting a job on an golf course as a grass cutter, my friend has a job washing the golf carts there.... said he could possibly say a few good words to the superviser of the course to get me a job.... i've yet to talk to the ppl of the course nor has he....

    i was wondering if any1 has had a similar job like mowing crew on a golf course.... if so how many hrs/days of the week did u work and what was ur hr rate and anything else u may be able to add?

    i would like to get an job that will give me 30 hrs a week and allow me to mow on the side for 10-20hrs a week.... so i can bank some $$ this summer and pay my truck insurance, and other expenses. payup payup
  2. stumper1620

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    most golf courses have tight budgets and hold you to 40 hours a week, 7 days, usually the way they work is start at daybreak, mow greens, tees, fairways & rake sand traps everyday of the week, usually these are finished by 10 am, after that it is general maintaince, rough mowing, trimming ect.
    figure start time of 6am, out by 230 or 3 pm, sat. & sun. its always mow & go or in other words greens, traps, fairways and out a there. most golf courses would welcome a 30 hour guy, that way they have you at the most demanding time- mornings.
    13+ years around golf courses, working for & contracting for projects.
  3. A+ Lawncare

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    stumper.... what do you figure they pay by, hr rate for grass cutter?

    my friend john makes $7 an hr. washing carts... so i figure it would be more for grass cutter....
  4. stumper1620

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    I'm not sure about your area, that is why I didn't coment on that, but around here most average courses are paying about 8 to 850 per hour, upscale course for a experianced guy can be anywhere from the 850 to 13, 13 being a licensed applicator or very experianced in turf management.
    the pay is why I only do service calls now, I like making mega-money.
  5. out4now

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    One of the guys sent to me when I worked for the schools came from a municipal course. He made around 28k a year w/them. If I remember right he said the equipment operators made about 1 or 2k a year more. It wasn't much. He said the job he hated the most was bunker work. Like already said they run on tight budgets. Can learn alot from those guys though.
  6. Zr2_thunder

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    I worked at a golf course here for 4 years, The money was decent but will not compare to the money i make now. If i remeber correctly i was making around (29-31K) somewhere in that ballpark, as another member stated above you start at day break 5:00am in my case and you out by 2:30 or so... The golf course here was a 40hour 5 day a week job with rotating weekends off, I learned alot from that job and i liked beeing out early enough in the day to not hasell with traffic the job i hated the most was trimming around the sand bunkers.

    If you want to learn a thing or two about lawncare and such i would suggest you doing it. Goodluck!
  7. SWD

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    Wage ranges vary widely according to type of course and the operating budget.
    The Golf Course Superintendent is the individual you need to speak to regarding your desire to join his crew and for what reasons.

    Typically, positions such the one you are looking for is a laborer position, referred to a Laborer, Equipment Operator, Groundskeeper, Greensmower, etc.
    Do not be afraid of looking at several courses in your area, as what operating conditions are at one is not the same at another course.

    I wouldn't bank on learning to much as what you do and what pojects you are involved in are the direct result of the people skill set of the superintendent.

    I have been around courses most of my adult life, and have been actively involved in their construction and maintenance for around 15 years-so I know what I am talking about.
  8. Itsgottobegreen

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    HAHAHAHAHAHA Most courses pay you the same when you start out. I started out 3 years ago at $6 a hour and free used of the golf course tractor anytime I wanted to borrow it. After 1 year I no longer worked for them. But was making $8 an hour.

    Its getting up at 5:30 to be at work at 5:45 to start cutting at 6. You probably won't start out on the mowers. I don't know a golf course that does. Usually course set up or watering, etc is the new guys job. The PITA jobs. You might get to run a rough area mower or maybe after a while the fairway mowers (my favorite). The guys the mow the greens are the guys that have been there for a while. I only got to do them a couple of times because one week we had a crew of 2 for a 18 hole course. (me and the super. Everyone walked out, I agreed to stay until they got some more help, then left too) I did make a lot of payup that week.
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    i get the impressin from you that you are a busy experienced lco, who has time to take a job mowing at the golf course?, how many accounts do you actually have???? ;)

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