golf course employee dies

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    Hanover golf course employee dies

    Richmond Times-Dispatch Apr 11, 2005

    A 25-year-old Hanover County Country Club employee apparently drowned today after he and the lawnmower he was operating fell into the South Anna River while cutting grass on the golf course.
    The victim's name was being withheld by authorities until his relatives can be notified.
    Sheriff's deputies were called to the Hanover Country Club at 14314 Country Club Drive, west of Ashland off state Route 54, about 11:20 a.m., said Hanover Sheriff's Sgt. Michael J. Trice.
    The employee was receiving cardiopulmonary resuscitation when Hanover fire and EMS crews arrived. Paramedics continued those efforts as they transported him to Memorial Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.
    Trice said authorities were told the employee had been cutting grass on a graded slope near the 12th tee when his riding lawnmower apparently tipped over and plunged into the South Anna River. It was unclear yesterday whether the lawnmower fell on him.
    The incident remains under investigation.
  2. Mo Green

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    Wow! That is horrible.....Senseless tragedy.
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    Working with the big mowers that a golf course uses its an easy thing to dump a mower in the water. I worked at a course in FL and never put a mower in but had to be pulled out of the bank by a tractor. And the sand rake they used I saw a guy put that into the water so I was in there waist deep holding it from going further till he got the tractor. That is why they have invented a flymower or hover mower whatever you call it to get those lake banks.
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    my mom dropped a walker into a drainage canal in Florida....she was faily high up and the grass catcher got full and when she turned to go up the hill she back slid into it....She had cut it many times before, btu this once, something was a smidge different...

    I wonder if the mower had ROPS and the rider wearing a seatbelt....? or no seatbelt no rops??

    Have to be kind to hills...
  5. lawnandplow42

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    probably had rops and a seatbelt, and couldn't get out.

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