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    got a call today from a guy who needs lawn service, ill be seeing him on saturday. he says he has "golf course grass" . well, ive never been to a golfcourse, anyone know what the heck golfcourse grass is? thanks
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  3. bobbygedd

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    burmuda is similar to zoysia, right?
  4. KirbysLawn

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    Somewhat, Zoysia is a nicer grass in my opinion.
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    He could have one of several varities of Bermuda, the sites listed above will give you some good insight. To get a real golfcourse look it needs to be cut real short like about an inch or so and it needs to be cut often about every 3 to 5 days. Reel mowers tend to do a much better job. Golf courses get fed quite often and he may be in for a shock when he finds out the price on getting that real golf couse look.
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    Be prepared before you go to estimate the job correctly. He is probably one of these people who think very low cut grass like a golf course makes him cool. Thus a pain in the LCO to deal with. :)
  7. Bermuda is not suitable for NJ.

    Must nothern golf courses use bentgrass for tees and greens
    and rye for the fairways.
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    you are right; up here for greens and and fairways and stuff they will use bentgrass, i am pretty sure it gets cut at like half an inch. so you have to be out there about every other day or so. cutting the grass this short will probably be a pain in the butt for you because that means that it will make the green or whatever the guy has more succeptable to weeds, and other fun things. charge accordingly. and maybe try to sell the guy full service. fertilizing, cutting, aerating, all the good things, if you do get it it will take up a lot of time, so good luck.
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    Bentgrass - Extremely high maintenance (not just the mowing) and you better know your stuff!
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    Golf course fairways ion the north are rye. Mowed at 5/8's in the summer and 3/4 in the summer. Most tees usually rye as well, mowed at about 1/2 inch, lot of super dwarf varities now used.

    Bent grass is used on the greens. Usually mowed no higher than 1/4 inch will give you so-so greens quality. Not going to be able to go any higher than 1/2 inch on home lawn. 11 blade reel mower, need to mow at least three times per week, picking up the clippings. Bent grass mowed close will get about 8,000 different diseases and fungus at the drop of a hat. Fungicides usually sprayed every 7 to 10 days without fail. Fertilizers need to be greens grade, small homongeous prill. Bent grass tillers and crawls, so you need to verticut and topdress every three months minimum, more often.

    This process does not work well for the home owner. Artifical green anyone??

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