Golf course superintendents?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikeswag, Nov 2, 2003.

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    Are there other golf course superintendents here? Do you know of other GCS's that have gotten into the business?

    I am a superintendent in Atlanta (a.s. in turfgrass & b.s. in business.) I am planning to make the jump from country club golf course to their lawns. I have members that complain about their lco's every day. I am thinking of marketing specifically to 500k+ homeowners. ultra manicured lawns...reel mowers, lots of spraying, top-dressing...everything I do for the course I would like to offer my customers.

    I have read nearly every thread regarding starting a business. This site has been a blessing. Thank you.

    Has anyone ever gone after only high-end residential?

    Anyone jumped from golf to lawn?


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    I am not a golf course super, but one positive I can think of is that wtih that amount of extra's and maintainance, you could do pretty well with a short list of clients.
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    Hi Mike,

    Here is a post that discusses those that do golf course work.

    golf courses...
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    My friend and mentor was. He was assistant at Warwick Hills (home of the Buick open) before going to a private club and being Super over there. This guy is awesome, and can grow grass on a rock, in someone's
    To this day, anytime I'm around him, I always learn something new, and I can only continuously thank him for it.
    His has his own company now, because like he said. "If I'm going to have 500 people moanin' and complaining about the conditions of their turf, I might as well OWN something."
    So, with that, his company mows about 400 accounts a week, and he fert.s about 600 accounts. (Him and 1 full time and 1 part-time tech.) He also has a landscape and an irrigation crew. You couldn't ask to meet a nicer guy, though.
  5. therainman

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    My father and brother are. I have one uncle who is and one cousin who is. Also my sister married a super out in CA. I started there and changed directions into lawncare. Having the family connection to the two best golf courses within 60 miles has really helped me. In this small area name association means everything. All I have to do is say my last name and people know the family and the experience I can bring to their lawn. ]

  6. Welcome to Lawnsite! Glad to have you aboard!

    I havn't made the jump into high end residential. More like trying to ease into it. When I bought a topdresser last year I had "Groundskeeping Services" added to the logo on my truck.
    I think it's a good market segment to target.

    I've been having the best luck with high end businesses. Corporate offices that want the better service. But I'm just primairily caring for bluegrass with a rotary cut type mower. Nothing like what you're talking about. Bentgrass is a weed here in the middle of the bluegrass belt. :D

  7. SWD

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    Yes, I have.
    PM and we can discuss stuff further.
    Good luck,
  8. Grassmechanic

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    I was a golf course super for over 8 yrs. and a Grounds Mgr for over 9 yrs. Now, I work only for myself, by myself, and I also market to high end residentials (Although I picked up a few commercials from recommendations). I quit advertising this past spring. Once you make one millioinaire happy, they sure spread the word to their other millionaire friends.
  9. mikeswag

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    I will be making the transition next year.

    I am planning to buy a 2653a jd tri-plex. Do you know others using primarily reel mowers to cut?

    How did you make the transition from the course to the lawns.

    I realized I wanted to go into landscaping. I found one of my favorite parts of work was going to my members houses and giving landscape advice. I look forward to growing a business.

    What do you guys think of the permagreen spreader? It looks like and excellent tool for the homeowner lawn. I have been operating a vicon & toro sprayers for 8 years. I kinda looks fun to drive.

    thanks for all the help.....

    one more it common for a landscaper to offer lawn care, topdressing, aeration, fert, fungicide, selective & non- herbicide and water feature management?

    one more thing...When you offer fungicide you offer curative only or curative & preventative?

    thanks again


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