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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Groundskeepers Services, Feb 16, 2006.

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    I was just sitting here thinking.... about half asleep, which is when most of my stupid business idea's come to me but what the heck maybe i'll roll with one of them. Anywho, has anyone ever thought about getting a crew with reel mowers and doing some work for golf courses? I live in an area right now with the most golf courses per sq. mile so it seems like it could work if you could convince the superintendents that you can save them alot of headache's. they wouldn't have any maint. on their mowers, wouldn't have to pay kids to go play on their nice greens and screw them up. I don't know, just a thought.... let me know what you guys think.
  2. SWD

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    Yes, it has been tried before - it's called a maintenance company.
    Where you might actually pick up work from a golf course superintendent is on special landscaping jobs and tree work.
    Also small repair jobs, a wash out here, turf damage there.
  3. TScapes

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    It's being done as we speak. There are big and small companies doing this. TGLC, Brickman, and another big one have this in place. There is also another company (can't recall their name) that I read about in a magazine, that specializes in this.

    It's a great niche if you can find it.
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    actually three of them,,,,,,all work is done in house by there employees... at least around here it is dont that way....
  5. Groundskeepers Services

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    Thanks guys, its something i might think about a little bit more. I guess it helps that my father owns a grinding company, so parts and labor on the mowers wouldn't be a huge issue, and i already know alot of the super's. Who know's, like i said just a thought.
  6. TScapes

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    There is actually a company that does consulting for golfcourses, prop management firms, cities, etc. that is called OLM. They have gone into golf courses in GA and FLA and taken them over in regards to regular daily maintenance. They then will find someone who will do the work. The advantages would be that the golf courses wouldn't have to pay workmans comp, don't have the labor overhead and do not have their money tied up in equipment and their maintenance.

    I dunno..... it would be difficult to schedule that from my end. Although you would definately have to have a crew designated to each golf course. It defenately could be done. I know several golf courses where their chemical budget alone is several hundred thousand per year. I'd like to know what the average 18 hole course's operational costs are per year. That would be interesting to find out. To be able to compare it to what it would cost you.... just to play with the numbers would be interesting to see what something like this would run. Obviously it is profitable if somebody has started doing it.

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