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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by boats47, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. boats47

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    I will post some pics Monday night of this nightmare, you will have to see it to understand. the jist of it is that it get little air circulation and moderate sun exposure. Other then the scotts moss control with fertilizer, Does anyone know what use in controling moss in Creeping Bent grass. I had a good grasp on this problem with Scotts, but I am concerned with hitting it with to much N. It has already had its share. I have limed as well, month or so ago and do need check the PH again (was at 6.7) so not to bad.
    Any ideas or sources to study in the care for golf greens and of course the moss control issue would be great.
    Thank you
  2. golfguy

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    Is this a home lawn green?

    First off, Do not attempt to verticut or aerate the moss out. All you will do is spread the spores.

    Second, without seeing the degree of infestation making recommendations is tough. I can tell you that simple white vinegar dabbed on the moss will kill it. It will also kill any of the bentgrass it comes in contact with.
  3. txgrassguy

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    There exists several viable, low cost solutions to controlling moss in bent putting greens.
    Empirical research has shown that amounts of air as little as 4 cubic feet per minute are all that is necessary to aid in convection cooling and transpiration.
    This means large diameter, slow rotational speed fans that are extremely quiet and essentially unnoticeable - particularly when mounted about 6 feet high and aimed towards the green.
    The fan represents the best overall solution towards limited air movement when obstruction removal isn't feasible.
    A temporary solution is the use of Dawn Ultrex dishwashing detergent at the rate of 2 tablespoons per thousand square feet applied as a drench to the green which will kill the existing moss.
    Once the moss begins to dry out - usually with-in 72 hours or so, spike aerify to encourage the hardpan to break apart.
    Depending upon the equipment you have at your disposal, retrofitting a set of brushes onto a riding tri-plex greens mower in place of the reels helps considerably as well.
    Here all you would do is on a mowing skip day, run the brush over the green in the same direction of cut you have scheduled for that day, but brush LIGHTLY and you will see a marked decrease in moss accumulation.
    Also you can raise the height of cut and mow 3 X week and roll 2 X week and actually have the ball roll distance (mistakenly called green speed) increase while the bent health is buttressed by the heigher height of cut = more leaf tissue = more roots = healthier green.
    Once last point, if you have really deep pockets a subsurface air introduction/removal fan is the best way to go. Sub-Aire started this program back in the early nineties at Augusta National and I have seen first hand the impact this device has on bent greens in a hostile environment.
  4. turfsolutions

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    One solution I can think of.

    A good chainsaw.
  5. RigglePLC

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    For moss I have heard recomendations of "Junction" . Check the label.

    I also heard recommendations for carfentrazone (Quicksilver)--but I could find no mention of it on the label. The professor mentioned a certain moss--I think he said "silvery thread moss".
  6. rcreech

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    Quick Silver works great on the moss we have here in OH.
  7. MnLefty

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    Quicksilver has a supplemental label for moss... go here.
  8. boats47

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    Thank you guys for your response and will look into those ideas and do some trials with these ideas. To answer your question golf guy, yes it is a home green (one of the mansion in Newport, RI).
    I will get some pics up Monday night and that will really paint the picture for you. I am not sure that fans would be an option as this guy is very rich and really has no instrest in going the extra mile for landscaping issues, the bare minimum and it better look perfect.
  9. txgrassguy

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    This reminds me of when I maintained a course in NE PA. Heavily overgrown evergreen trees surrounding one green on the course - maintenance problem out the whazoo.
    Tree trimming isn't in my contract so I approach the Parks Superintendent about getting these trees trimmed properly. Doesn't have it in his budget he says.
    So I write a letter to the city explaining the problem and the additional cost if I have to grown in a new green.
    The next day the Parks Super shows up with a brand new Stihl 029 saw and says here - cut away - and he doesn't want the saw back.
    Let's see - $350 saw for one hours work = I had that saw for ten years before I gave it to a friend of mine.

    You had better voice your concerns in writing to this "rich" client of yours.
    Leaving the problem to fester will only aggravate the situation.
    In the letter explain what options are available, with prices, and go from there.

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