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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by AlleganyLawnCare, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. AlleganyLawnCare

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    I was thinking of getting into installing golf putting greens later this year. 1. Does anyone here do them? 2. Is it really hard to sell a customer on them (where you constantly have to push them)? 3. And are you really able to install them in a few hours like the company says you can? 4. Also, how many of the ones you sell, request to have lanscaping done around the green? Any info would help out alot. Thanks!

  2. lilmarvin4064

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    I hope you mean artificial golf greens, as the real thing would be VERY difficult to install, maintain and sell.
  3. AlleganyLawnCare

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    Yes, I do mean artificial greens. I got osme info from allprogreens. But want to get some honest, non-bias information from companies that actually have invested in this field of service, as to whether it is as easy to sell and install as the company says it is.
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    Selling is the easy part. Golfers will buy anything to improve their game. I couldnt tell how hard one is to install. I saw a video on installing them..I would venture to say that couple hours is VERY optimistic, unless your running a crew of 8-10 guys.
  5. Superior L & L

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    Ive installed 4-5 greens. A standard 12 x 30 kidney green will take a day with 3 guys. Now location access and etc vary but most can be done in a day. $3600 - $5200 for a days work is not to bad

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