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golf teeing ground repair


LawnSite Senior Member
southern ohio
You need sand. Tee boxes need to have a good layer of sand in the topsoil to be a good playing surface. If the tees are not chewed up too badly you can mix sand, seed and fert and fill in the divots up to a level point with the existing grass and add water. You can use a grain shovel and do large areas as well.
For large areas, just mix up sand with a little topsoil, spread, level to perfection, seed, rake in, level again and tamp or roll smooth then fert. I've seen golf supers do this without mulch or straw but it's getting pretty late in the year and I don't know how cold it is where you are. Most courses have bent grass tees or atleast dwarf bluegrass.

Good luck.

Rodney Anderson

LawnSite Member
I grew up working on a private low budget course try this one.
1: mow down the tee box,assuming it is not bent, mowing at 1 1/2" os less.
2: aerate the heck out of the tee box
3: take a verticut or thatching machine and break up the plugs making a seed bed.
4: topdress with green dressing mix or equivalent and seed.
5: take a leaf rake or old piece of fence and work seed into the tee box surface.
We used to this in the fall and it works well.