gonna be a good year.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, May 11, 2001.

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    hey all. figured that since i am so happy this past day or two i would vent here. this past week i have been asked to do about, i would say 90 - 100 thousand dollars of work. last year i only did about 33,000. that was my first year of business though. and i was still in high school at the time. this year i am in college. and i am fairly certain that by the time i get back up to school we will have gotten either pretty close to or over the 150,000 dollar marker. this is no snow or anything. just lots of tree work and landscaping. this year i havent had to cut a lot of lawns. i think that with the two i added today i am at 13? with maybe 2 more on the way. not sure right now. this week i didnt even have time to cut the lawns or anything. i am not working as much as i did last year. and when i do work it is on a job other than cutting grass. today i climbed, talked with customers, got jobs, etc. tomorow we will have to cut a few lawns. but also we have to clear an area as well as touch up some stumps i ground yesterday. i have a friend who is now 38 i believe and he wanted to sell me his lawn accounts. he felt that a business is worth its yearly reciepts. so his best year so far after 15 years of doing this stuff is 100,000 or a bit less. but he mostly just cuts grass. so if he is 38 now and his business is worth 100,000 at most. then where will i be at 38 if i am gonna do about 150,000 this year? my employee Angel says that i am young now. so if i build up slowly i will have a big business by the time i am his age. thanks for taking the time to listen. its just that i had a long day and wanted to talk to some people who speak fluent english for a change
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    Where tha heck is Fluent at? I'm from Alabama........we don't make that kinda money down south. You got a place to stay up thar?
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    homer i'm looking 50k in sales this year, mostly cutting solo and tons of landscaping jobs lined up already. 2 jobs a week for the next month and a half, and they keep coming. but with snow and everything else i'm hoping to go over 70k in sales. ohh yea still in high school, only 6 more days. then the sales are gunna go through the roof
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    good luck to you .what kind of work was it for a hundred grand
    my buddy cuts trees,does stump grinding ,sprinklers,sod,deck washing ,design,bobcat ect plus owns a full service lawnmaintenance business he says mowing makes least amount of money .you have to be full service lawn maintenance .to earn a living.he wont do a acount unless there full service.lawn cuts,shrubs trimmed,beds weeded,edged ,mulch.chemical program aeration and thatching plus spring and fall cleanups at the least.for me that would mean i wouldnt have any customers.i squezze them for as much as i can.if you could get the money god bless you the big moneys all in landscaping hope to be there one day too....
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    Less than two weeks ago, you were complaining that you were working till all hours of the night. See thread: http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php&threadid=13888

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