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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Travlndude, Jan 5, 2007.

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    I started working in the landscape industry when I was 15 years old as a summer job in Cleveland, Ohio. I eventually went into landscaping full time and worked up to a landscape construction foreman. I was sent to school part time for basic horticulture and landscape design. After several years, I left the industry to pursue a career in Firefighting and EMS. 3 years ago, I decided to get back into the industry by starting my own company as a side business. I never lost interest in landscaping and always kept it close to my heart. I bought an existing business from a friend, who was also landscaping on the side. I started with a 1989 Toyota truck, 5x10 trailer, 52" Toro Z, Yardman 21", echo hand blower, echo line trimmer, and assorted hand tools. I had 14 Maintenance accounts. Now, going on my third season, My company has developed into a full time operation with 3 trucks: 1 supervisor vehicle, 1 maintenace vehicle and 1 construction vehicle. I have 30 residential maintenance accounts, all upscale/upper income. I provide a complete lawn and landscape service including maintenace, fertilization and pest control, design/build services and irrigation. I have purchased many more toys over the past 2 seasons, too many to list. I pride myself on world class customer service, profesional image, and standardized systems for all services. My customers have admired the attention to every detail put into their landscape maintenace and installations. I have learned alot over the last 2 seasons and continue to dedicate my spare time to continued education and tweaking my operations. I try to be innovative and keep up up on the current trends in design and maintenance practices.
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    Hello everyone,
    I am Sunny, Travlndude's daughter. I am signing on to all my Dads forums to let everyone know He was shot in the face in a robbery attempt at his job last night. He says he will be ready for the ride one way or another, but I am asking everyone who is following him to pray for him as the gunshot was directly in the face. He is presently listed in stable condition, but I know he would want everyone to know he is ok. Please pray for him.

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    Wish him the best of luck, we're praying.
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    I want to thank everyone for their prayers, my daughter was a little premature, I got out of the hospital a few hours after she posted to all my forums, but am still very appreciative of everyones prayers. The firearm was a small caliber, and didn't do a lot of damage. The bullet is lodged just above my pallete and they tell me it is better to leave it where it is than to try to remove it. Guess no more airport metal detectors for me, don't like flying anyway. Sorry for getting everyone excited, but prayer always helps. Thanks

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    Glad to hear that you're alright, thanks for the update. Barely 21 more days!!!!
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    what a thread!!!!!!! i read the 1st post about mowing around the continent, then the next i read said the OP got shot in the face....wow

    glad you're okay man, good luck on the ride

    btw: how exactly is riding the country on a mower your'dream'? i saw you mention that somewhere in this thread and just wondered

    good luck!

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    that is un believeable!!!!!!!!!!! glad you made it OK
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    So...4 more days until your "trip" starts. I searched your town's newspaper and found no word of your supposed gunshot incident. Man, you are so full of crap. I hope that no one here at Lawnsite has been duped by you enough to give you any money. Oh yeah...as to your sponsors...it makes me laugh to think about how a shabby tattoo joint and a crappy pizza place are going to give you enough funds to do what you are "doing". I bet we stop hearing from you around March 12...or some other "calamity" is supposedly going to happen. I can see it now...Hi, I'm sonny..Td's daughter...my dad got shot in the face again and needs 50 bucks for an operation. God...I can't wait to laugh it off come the 12th.
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    Damn bro.... but have to say, made me ****** laugh!! :laugh: :laugh:

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