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I've been interested at mowing lawn for a summer job for years but now it looks like i have decided this year to start a small lawn care business this year. Heres the problem what do i have to do to be able to legally mow grass in or around the columbus ohio area?
1. I know i need 1mil liability insurance.
2.Do i need a permit or venders license?
3 What about taxes i believe if i make less than 5,000 a years its tax free?
i will be using my Honda element do i need commercial vehicle insurance since this will be a small deal and this might not even take off the ground.
Looking to get some flyers made and get moving!
my plan is to call realtors and mow foreclosed home and homes that are for sale, as well as mow some residential customers homes.
my equipment will just be a 21" push mower
a weed wacker
a backpackblower

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1. You don't have to have 1 mil liability, but you won't be limited then if you do. Its best just to have something. 2. Varies by state and just call up to the court house for that. In MI you don't have to have anything but a "doing business as" licence and that's just a few bucks. 3. Wrong, if you make more than $400 you have to pay taxes on it. If made less than $5000 at a normal company then you would not be paying taxes because of your personal deductions, but being that this is self employed you would have a separate self employment tax. 4. Its best that you have commercial insurance because if you put a trailer on your vehicle for business then your normal policy might become void and not cover an accident. That's the way it was for me and it varies by company, but commercial insurance is by far cheaper. 5. Maintenance for foreclosed houses are handled by banks and usually are subcontracted to large pain in the butt property management companies. The easiest way is to just contact your local bank to see if they are looking for a company to mow. I would suggest just going around as asking local business if they want a quote. 6. Something you have not thought about is normally you need a D.O.T. number if you bull a large trailer, but you don't need one yet, but you need to have your business name on your car if you use it for business. You can have it on a magnet so you can take it off when your not using it for business. Just talk to a local sign shop for that. Best of luck and this should make you legal :drinkup: