Good Article in Today's Wall Street Jounal


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October 5, 2000.

Front Page Wall Street Journal.

LA schools trying to cope with anti-herbicide policy.

NO herbicides are to be used on LA public schools.

Playground safety is down because of all the power equipment being used to control weeds.

Labor budgets have been increased to deal with all the weeds. The weeding budget INCREASED by $700,000! and the LA schools still look unkept.

Over 2/3 million that SHOULD be spent on education is being spent on weeding because they removed the proper weed control tools out of gardners hands.



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Maybe they should just spread or blow wood chips into all playground areas, seems like that would be the area they are most concerned with herbicides. Or maybe they should hire an experienced landscaper to make recommendations instead of the politicians playing the I know everything game.
The Eugene OR school district has not allowed pesticide use around or on any of it's properties for about ten years. What with close mowing and no irrigaiton they grow a hell of a crop of dandelions, thistle and other noxious weeds.

Theymake it all grass and mow the grass and the hell with the rest. Looks shabby, but no great movement to change.


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GREAT ARTICLE- I honed in on that one first thing this morning. Put me a little behind because I read it though. Really shows us the role of politicians in our trade- USELESS!!!


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I read that article in one of the trade magazines last year. They tried to us a propane torch to burn the weeds out. It didn't work. I think it said they had to hire 22 extra people to weed everything.

John DiMartino

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whats scary id that the weeds are more harmful than the Tri-mec that'll wipe them out.When professionally applied,and with proper re-entry period there isnt anything to be concerned about,i bet these same schools serve fruits and vegetables that have had pesticides sprayed on them,when will they step up and go organic for school lunches(yeah right).These idiots are just making themselves look even worse.If the government,local and federal were run properly (like a business)these clowns would be on the unemployment line first.


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This is not a good situation when public officials start making unediucated decisions about things that they have very little knowledge of. Did they consult with the proper folks about the dangers of pesticides vs. the dangers of unkept grounds?

I am willing to bet that the first ones to complain about the increased costs are the ones that voted to ban the pesticides.

I am willing to bet that the first ones to complain about how bad the grounds look are the ones that voted to ban the pesticides.

BTW- Anyone willing to bet that the ones that voted for the ban use/have sprayed pesticides on their home lawns???

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