Good Attachments to buy for mini?


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Kansas City
Recently just upgraded from an older SK650 to a brand new toro 1000 wide track... I have the grapple rake, tooth bucket, 12” auger, smooth bucket and pallet forks. I need to get a larger smooth bucket, they make one specifically for the 1000 (high volume 54”).

What are some other attachments you all recommend? Mainly do tree work, landscaping, some hardscaping and dirt work.


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West, GA
I use my backhoe, trencher and soil preperator tons. I just picked up a stump planer, and toothed stump bucket, not used yet, but big clearing and sod job upcoming, so I'll review. Still hope the dingo auger can make use of the planer, wish me success.


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The root grapple is the most useful attachment for me. Followed by pallet forks and a 72” light duty bucket for mulch. A bucket the with of your tracks with teeth is great as well. I’m planing of getting a Harley rake. I do a lot of small yards. A full sized skid steer with a Harley rake would be to big.
Who makes a 72" bucket for a mini?