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    Here's a link to a good book on Turf management. It's published by the City of Seattle and is free online.
    (approx 367 KB, about 90 pages)

    Their basic tenants:
    1. Mow high, mow often, and leave the clippings.

    2. Fertilize moderately in September and May with a
    "natural organic" or "slow-release" fertilizer.

    3. Water deeply, to moisten the root zone, but infrequently.

    4. Improve poor lawns with aeration and overseeding.
    Or consider fixing the soil and replanting.

    5. Think twice before using pesticides or "weed-and-feed."

    6. Consider alternatives to lawns for steep slopes,
    shady areas, or near streams and lakes.

    They cite a number of reputable sources and much of their information matches many of the sharper posts on this site. As everyone is well aware, the Seattle area contains more tree-huggers than most places, so you'll see heavy emphasis on low-chemical approaches.

    Also, it's a local text so there isn't any guidance on warm season grasses (nor blue grass which doesn't do as well over here).

    Definitely worth the price of a download. I'd love to see links to other online texts if people have them. Please post them here!
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    Thanks Toddco.

    Great site and great price too! :)
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