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good buy or not?


LawnSite Senior Member
2003 Scag Tiger Cub, 800 hours, clam shell bagger, new engine in spring...$5250

This mower i have been using all summer while working for a buddy of mine so i know who has been on it. It has its share of marks on the deck and bagger from hitting stuff but other than that this mower is in excellent shape..so what do you guys think about that price??


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Hawkeye country
clam shell bagger alone could go for around $1500 if in good shape that takes you to $3750 for the mower with 800 hours. I paid around $4000 for the tiger cub I got 2004 model had around 270 hours, 48/19. Sounds like a good deal with the clamshell bagger and all but think I'd try for a little lowermaybe offer $4250-$4500. Scag is one fine and tough machine IMO so you will be getting a solid piece of equipment.

Good Luck


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Midland, Texas
Why did it need a new engine in less than 800 hours?