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good day thread.

Ive posted my share of bad day posts over the years ...now a good day post...we were Aerationing and a guy comes up asked what we would charge for him and his neighbors..no drive time all on the block we were on...i told him 100 bucks each..he said we was 5 bucks higher ..but his guy wouldnt get to it until middle of next week..so two of us did all nine in a little over two hours ....and the topper 3 of em want full service lawn care....all excellent accounts in my prime target area..


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way to go odin, i'll have a beer to celebrate your good fortune, or 12


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Happy to hear things are going well for you.


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N.E. Wisconsin
Good for you buddy, isn't that money a nice smell to have in your nose.
I haven't been as lucky with weekly mowings but I am on record pace for spring time work. It seems that I am the most popular guy on the block.

Good Job.