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Good deal on craigslist

Coastal Lawn Maintenance

LawnSite Senior Member
it a scam i ran teh email and it comes up in many diffrent states. most low hour machine under 5k are scams there has been a lot lately. if you do look in to one send them an email and ask to see the machine.


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cabery, illinois
Sounds like a scam. I found a cheap deere like it last week emailed owner, and they said I could not pick it up or pay cash. It had to shipped and payed on some type of ebay pay plan where I would get mower first then they would get money. Then I had three days to inspect it.


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when they dont have a Phone# its usally a scam
Sometimes a scam if there is no phone number. When I list on CL I NEVER list my phone number. Too many dingle berries out there who call at anytime of the day just to tell you that your item is overpriced, a piece of junk and so on. I deal strictly through emails and non of my posts are scams.

starry night

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Most people who advertize items on craigslist don't show their own e-mail.
Most choose to have replies go through craigslist e-mail notification.