Good Deal or Not?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by slapshotmike24, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. slapshotmike24

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  2. jerryrwm

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    Hey, for $56 and not having to travel too far...It could be a good winter project. If the engine runs like he said it does, might wait to replace it. Replace the belts, grease it up, tighten the bolts, and paint job, and you've got a back-up mower, or sell it after it's fixed.

    It's worth $56 just for the fun factor.
  3. pjslawncare/landscap

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    Gooooood luck. Hope it isnt rustes thru (looks like it mite be at the front of the deck). I see belt cover is missing, maybe u can fabricate one. How capable are you as a mechanic/welder/fabricator? Do u have a welder? At least its cheap enough. How far a drive is it for u? Not trying to discourage u, I love projects myself as I have a nice shop full of equipment, however cheap stuff sometimes becomes very expensive if not well equiped with the proper tools. Let us know how it turns out.
  4. slapshotmike24

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    I have a welder and can fabricate a belt cover but lately I have been running my other walkbehind without one. I like being able to see what is going on down there. Its only a 15 min drive so its just worth it to find out what its like. I figure I can always ebay it.
  5. BMFD92

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    for 56 bucks I'd do it. If it was me I would put a new engine on, replace what needs to be replaced, paint it and put it to work. A new honda engine would go good on that. If it is a backup I would probably just but a 13 hp honda.
  6. Mico Landscaping design

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    little bit of work but for the price right now i would do it for a back up machine good luck happy bidding!
  7. energy

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    that is a hunk of junk. by the time you realize what you got yourself into, it is too late. You will spend more money on parts and time than it is worth. plus how can you show up to an account with an ugly a$$ mower like that. but you won, better go pick it up.
  8. Soupy

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    Clean her up and use her to mow crappy lawns with.
  9. Lawnworks

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    if you can get parts it sounds good. But $56.... you can't go wrong.
  10. Runner

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    Boy, I don't know. Even going through someone like J.Thomas and getting all yor parts at discount, it still looks like it would take a few hundred bucks to do it right,....and by the time you put a new motor on,... you can buy those machines all over for that much and cheaper, in good running condition. It would be something to do over the winter, though. Is that an old Bunton? Or Ransomes?

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