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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by markmana, Nov 2, 2005.

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    There is a 73 year old man selling his lawn mowing "business" kind of in my area. He told me he will sell his equipment and customers for $10,000. He has 23 customers as of now. He has a ford ranger(which i dont want or need) a riding JD, 2 21" walk behinds and leaf blower and weedeater. Without the Ranger he said it would be $8,500. I think this is too high? or is it not? Think he would let me buy his customers off of him and invest into a ztr (already have weedeater and blower, and can get a trailer)? He says he makes 600 a week in summer and around now makes 400. Thought this would be a good start. Especially when I work 4 on and 4 off 12 hour shifts. Anyways, just give me your advice and it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    that stuff is not worth anything near 8 grand, and how do you know the cutsomers will stay with you, are there contracts.....

    with that kind of money, you could get a good commercial walkbehind, backpack plower and commercial trimmer, trailor, advertising, and get your own customers.....

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