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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mdb landscaping, Oct 26, 2001.

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    mulching is the best way to go through Fall
    Just bag the last time of the year.

    Why not? its free fertilizer and compost
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    I am confused. I thought you didn't do residentials, Stone? I see more and more pics of res. Are you starting to cater to a different market now?
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    I think you need to go over that yard a few more times it looks kinda bad in the picture.
    I would never leave a customers yard looking like that.
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    uh oh. youre in trouble now sinclac. you didnt call him "Mr. Stone".
  5. I have always had some residential work but I have not advertised for any new work residential in a few years.

    But that might change next season. If I can't find enough sports field work to fill my dance card I am going to aggressively market my services to the small 2-4k sq. ft residential market.

    The reason is that today I traded a LCO from western PA a spare 44" WB that was collecting dust in storage for a nearly new 32" Toro WB.

    Now that I can mow 32" while standing vs. 21" and walking I have a whole new perspective on the small residential market.

    Do you remember the lawnboy who have the $19.95 month AOL like mowing program?

    Well I am going to offer a $99/month (9months=$900 yearly) complete lawn care package for 2-4K homesites. This includes a spring AND fall power rake and aeration, fertilization (4 apps of 5-10-31 at half rate), mowing, and fall leaf grinding.

    Now some of the peanut gallery might say "MR." stone how can you make any $$ at that rate. Well the key is children that I only visit the job 20 times per year. I don't need to mow on a weekly basis. I mow every 10 days in spring and fall and every 14+ days in mid summer.

    So if you take $900 and divide by 20 visits you get a per visit gross of $45. So I can do 4 lawns per hour solo=$180 per hour gross all within a 5 mile radius of my home.

    Now grasshopper take the pebble from my hand.

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    Mr. Stone,
    Glad you've finally realized there is big $$$ to be made in the small residential market. Your Toro 32 however is a poor choice for maximum production. When you decide to ditch the less profitable sports fields work for this more lucrative venture I would suggest investing in some quality machinery.
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    he may realize the $ potential, but good luck to him selling cuts every ten days-the customer sees right through such tricks.

    and for those that dont catch on, he will be double cutting all that long grass . esp. with that 32"single blade, and there goes his hourly rate.
  8. It's quite obvious that you canuck lawnboys just don't understand how a professional does business.

    The mowing intervals are stated very clearly in my contract. The customer pays up front every month or no service.

    If you had any clue you would have picked up on the type and amount of fertilizer applied and would realize that with such little N the top growth will be minimal.

    But since you guys can't pass a pesticide test and your world is controlled by the urea tanker of the "weed man".

    I hope this helps.
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    i realize those that hire you will know they are getting 10 day service. but how big is the 10 day service market? i just find this hard to sell, people are creatures of habit and where i am weekly service is the norm. plus scheduling for 10 days is a pain for this canuck lawnboy.

    and i dont need a liscence or much of a clue to know that people will water their lawns. some every day. put down as little nitrogen as you want.
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    casey, wanna sell the Bilygoat? I'm just west of you and might be interested. I think I have a use for it. I'm going to be away for a few days but e-mail me if you want.

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