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  1. The customer who will take the $99 month deal is going to be a frugal customer, therefore they are NOT going to pay a big bill to PA American Water Co.

    There are over 50,000 of these small housing units in a 5 mile radius of my home. If I had 60 of them (2 days work) that would be a gross of $54K yearly. Plus they will be given 9 SASE envelopes for remittance so I will not have to mail invoices.

    In my business world it's my way or the highway.
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    The cutting intervals in your climate with the proper fertilizer applications may work but your overall plan for generating large revenue from this market is flawed. However, since you are doing this as a part time venture, due to your failing sports fieds contracts, you may find a good source of supporting income with minimal labour.

    Cantoo, I still may use the BG occasionally.
    First year mulching. Not sure it's going to work after the big drop.
  3. It might not be a part time venture. If I bought just a 1/4 page ad in the March/April 2002 coupon clipper I could pick up over 200 new accounts.

    The demographics of my area is much like FLA with a big cheap azz senior population. They just love those coupons.

    It could be possible to build up enough density where I can have one laborer mow the other trim and edge and I will drive the truck as they go from house to house and to insure quality control.

    Plus many will want landscape maint. work such as mulching, fertilizing and applying pre-M to landscape beds plus tree spraying. That's where I nail them big time.

    The key to making the inital contact is this phase:

    "Complete quality lawncare starting at $99 per month".

    What I have to do is have my phone forward to a live answering service for the spring months so I don't lose any contacts to an answering machine hang up.
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    You have just described my business.
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    200 would be tough to pic up in my area in one spring, but you know where you are.

    i don't find there are many hang ups. with call display i know all the calls that come in, and most leave messages. it's the way it works these days, phone tag.

    are you saying you will be with the crew, or in a second truck? i find the mere possibility that i may drop by the boys houses keeps quality control at decent levels. not great but good enough.
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    If your prices are low you will easily build up the volume in a densly populated area to make your plan extremely profitable.
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    My plate is full with a market similar to what Stone proposes to corner. BTW his area is very similar to mine demographics-wise; lots of older retired homeowners left behind when the factories moved out, living off a 1200/month pension and not willing nor able to water or tend their postage-stamp lawns.

    Fertilize with low N fert with 3% iron oxide and the grass remains short but deep green.

    I love to watch guys chase their tails dumping 3x the recommended N on acre lawns then fill their trucks with the clippings every 4 days "just because".

    An answering service is a must since the majority of these prospects still use a rotary dial phone and dont have a clue as to what "wait for the beep" means.
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    Hey Casey,
    This is almost exactly what you and I spoke about before! In AZ I do not think though that we can get away with mowing every 10 days. That would be great though. This was a great thread, Stone. It is nice when no one gets too pissy and the info does not get too diluted. Thanks guys.
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    I have often thought that Stones idea excuse me Mr. Stones idea would work in my area. We have many many small lawns postage stamp size and smaller that would not take 20 minutes to mow with a 21" push mower much less a wb. The people all work and hour away and on weekends the kids have soccer,baseball,football etc. Than you have the elderly and they all only care that there lawn has been cut and that it is green.
    Good luck Mr. Stone.
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    SCott, Sounds like my neck of the woods. Will you be trying it? I may be as well. Unlike Mr. STone, I do not need a huge amount of profit from it as my irrigation company provides pretty well, however, I can make another 3 or 4 thousand a month, that 's also not bad. I don't think however that I can mow every 10 days. Wish I could!!!

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