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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jlewis, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. jlewis

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    I stopped by my local Toror dealer to look at a 44 WB. He did not have any. Says he just picked up the line. He prefers Scag.

    He has a 2000 52" Kawi 17hp V-Twin Scag w/ mulch kit. I think it is the SW(?) fixed deck. Private owner that stepped up to a ride on Z. Used one season. He hit me with 2995.00. Decent, pass etc?

    I am looking to minimize the time spent on my yard (1 acre, hill) and my sister's (2 acre, nasty hill) Sitting on the edge of the seat of a rider is getting very old. I am not sure the 52 would fit the other small yard I do. I have about 48" in clearence.

    My better half is afraid if I get a commercial mower, I will want more accounts. Yes, there is some truth, but I would rather minimize my cutting time and maximize my home improvement and family time.

    let me know your thoughts.

  2. brucec32

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    Not that familiar with Scags, but I assume the SW is the fixed deck hydro at that price.

    My impressions:

    1. He may "prefer" Scag because he has one to sell you on the spot, vs. no Toros. Also, the profit margin is probably bigger on a trade-in resale than a new unit, if it is anything like used cars.

    2. You're wise. Check to make sure the 52" would fit. Very little difference in mowing time vs. a 44" unless it's all open fields.

    3. The fixed deck Scag will be more likely to have scalping problems in such a big deck size, since it doesn't float. Also remember it's more difficult to make height adjustments to, if that matters.

    4. despite the "used one season" claim, the mower still is 3 years old. When you sell it, it will be that much older to the next buyer.

    5. $2995....hmmm....I would guess that unit sells for about $4200 new when discounted. $1200 off doesn't impress me too much, considering you're taking some risk. It's no longer under warranty I assume. (most are 1/2/3 years) One hydro mower or pump goes and much of your savings just flew out the window. I bet he'd sell it for less that his first asking price. But the price doesn't sound terrible, either. IF you're wanting a fixed deck Scag.

    6. Are you up for pistol grips? There's a learning curve and they give your hands a workout at times. I prefer "push to go" mowers instead of "squeeze to slow".

    7. $300 wouldgetyoua brand new belt drive 44"/48" mower. In belt drives the Toro T bar is hard to beat. They have a 17hp kawi model too, I believe.
  3. 65hoss

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    I agree with the above. But I will add, no used mower has a warrenty. All warrenties on mowers are for the original owner only.
  4. Gravely_Man

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    I would check everything over well. I was falsely under the impression that some mower manufactures warranties did transfer. Is the dealer you are thinking about buying the unit from willing to provide any type of a warranty?

  5. Mykster

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    I didn't think that Scag had a 52" fixed deck.
  6. grassdaddy

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    I paid 2995 for 2002 last april. A 3 yr old mower isn't worth a new price!:rolleyes:

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