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A few years ago my brother was working at a department store in center city Philadelphia. At the end of the summer season they had about 25 bags of 15,000 ft Scotts fertilizer left over.(How many 15k bags of fert. you going to sell in the city?) The stuff was on clearance and with his discount I got them all for $5 a bag. Turf builder, Plus 2, and Halts. After I used them all up I sold my Scotts spreader.


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A couple of years ago we picked up about 100 50 pound bags of Vigoro 16-4-8 with iron for $2 a bag. It was actually pretty good fertilizer.


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So far the best deal I've gotten on fert. is at Lowes. If you ask them about their busted bags they will sell them at 1/2 price. Bought all busted bags last year.



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Back when I was a kid I worked in hardware store. THey had a few pallets of some off brand fertilizer for cheap. It was like $4 for a 15K bag, and had a $3 rebate per bag. Couple that with my employee disount, and I actually got paid to take the fert away. Too bad I only got 3 bags to take care of my own lawn.

This past spring, I saw a pallet of Lesco Fert W/ Merit at the local Home Depot. $25/bag.

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