Good deeds ever payoff?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Cigarcop, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Cigarcop

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    Last snow we had I was driving to my last two accounts and passed a man and woman with a snow blower. They looked like they were having some trouble but I never gave it a second thought. After finishing the accounts I come up to them again and they are flagging me down, I back up and they asked if I could push the last bit of snow because there blower just died.
    I pushed it away and cleared a bit more, took maybe 10 minutes, they ask how much and I say not to worry about it. We start talking a bit and her husband knows my best friends uncle, blah blah blah, I hand her one of my cards and let her know if she needs anything in the future to call.

    Well she did and I got a nice 3500.00 landscaping job out of it. Maybe every once in a while those deeds do pay off!!!
  2. bobbygedd

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  3. YardPro

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    yes they do
    but often they are too offset by the crappy things we do
  4. Precision

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    I believe in random acts of kindness. Not just for the financial aspect of it either.
    Really like the look of utter confusion.

    I helped a friend of a girl I am dating move. Her boss needed a landscape install. Guess who got the job. $3000 for a days work and $600 of plants and mulch.
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    It never hurts to do a good deed. I pass a little old lady's house everyday that her worthless a@@ son is supposed to mow her yard. Well, he mows it on a monthly basis if you know what I mean. I had finished early one day and passed by her house and she was outside trying to mow her 8" tall fescue lawn with an old rotary mower. I stopped and asked her if I could mow her lawn and do a few things for her. She replied, "honey I don't have any money to pay you with". I replied, "Mam, if you will go inside and get some water after I finish that will be payment enough for me". I mow the lawn, edge the sidewalks and driveway, trim where it needs trimmed, trimmed a few Azaleas took me about 2-3 hours. The feeling I had that evening was better than making $500 on that job. That deed has not come back to me in monetary terms but that's not the reason I did it. I did it because she needed help that she wasn't getting from her own son. Wow, Sorry about that long, sappy post :sleeping:
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    Random acts of kindness are absolutely a good thing. Not that I expect something in return, but you never know who you are helping, or who they know.
  7. lawnlubber

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    All the blue hairs know they can get me to carry the water softener salt or change a lightbulb when they ask. I'm not afraid of ever losing them to lowballers because they feel comfortable enough with me to give me keys to their homes. Anyone ever have a beer with their grandma? One lady is just lonely, I put her at the end of the day and we share a beer once in a while.
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    I hear yah, I get cookies pretty often from a two of my customers........if it ever stops raining around here I'll be munching on them soon!!!
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    Did the same thing, pruned some shrubs on my neighbors house, she is old and her hubby long been dead..son doesn't help her...about 3-4 hours of pruning....I end up getting this tractor....Although at the time it was in about 50 now I mow her front and back yard and plow her drive for her as well....She says that I am first on the list when she sells....Hopefully I'll be able to afford it....

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