Good employee pay???

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by vanncann, Dec 10, 2015.

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    This isn't the first time for that answer... I don't mean to come off as a dick... But... I do answer questions so bluntly but that's me...
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    Maybe your attitude is the problem bud.
  3. Lawn Service Jacksonville

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    Here in Jax it's much lower. 10-12 is a starting wage for a part timer. If you want them for 50+ hours per week, you're looking at 14.
  4. Florida.

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    I pay anywhere from 10.00-30.00 depending on what the job is.. Maintenance workers average 10-13 for handhelds and driver makes around 16.90. My landscape install can pay anywhere from 10-30 along with tree work depending on experience and how hard you work
  5. ToddH

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    I typically look at the DOL website - Granted they lump all types of landscape and grounds keepers into the bucket.

    You have a couple of maps, one is for the whole state or further down you can look for your area of the state.

    There is a small segment of AL near MS on the cost that demands top wages but even the metro area are moderate pay compared parts of Yankee land.

    I typically start people just under the median wage for the first 90 days then give a raise to get them just over the median wage. Keep in mind the DOL also considers total pay like holidays and vacation.
  6. GreenGuysLC

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    Well Bud, I am probably as close as anyone. Truth is you get what you pay for, but you can also only pay for what you get. How many employees are you using? Are they full time, Salary, seasonal.... Do you use payroll and taxes? Are they held accountable for set hours per week? I have 10 employees and they all have different arrangements. You mentioned $400 for 30 hrs per week. How was that derived? Is $400 yearly and what total annual hour was it based on?

    Yes for our cost of living, hourly rates are much different than our northern counterparts, and while our cutting season may be a little longer, we don't typically have the snow events to carry us through the winter. There are many factors to look at before just throwing numbers out there.

    Questions: Do I make enough to justify this employee and his salary. How many hours will I use him in the winter, or will I keep him in the winter. How will you handle holidays, overtime, and vacations?

    Do you have an employee handbook that covers this? My Salary guys see on paper how much Vacation Time they get, as well as sick time and holiday time. They have set salary scales and have a time chart that goes with it laying our the expected hours for each month. July ofcourse will demand 200+ hours per month, while December will fall back to 35-40 per week , with the last 10 days of month being off. We take off on the 22nd and dont return till January.

    My pay rates are anywhere from 9 for a new guy (45 day prob period) to 18 for Foremen. We run Lawn , Landscape, Irrigation, and Chemicals.
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    Just food for thought. I worked for a 5 million dollar company as a maintenance worker for 14 an hour. 2 months later I got promoted to 16. If I had stayed 6 more months i would have been at 19 or 20 for crew leader. I only worked there for a year

    I was just recently offered another job starting at 21 an hour for a leader. This is a 75 million dollar company though with room to move up
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    note we have very few 12s and very few 25s

    14-20 is where its at
  9. TPendagast

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    youre going about it all wrong.... its 100% requirement, NON negotiable, to pay the POSItIOn, not the worker.

    in the army there are good and bad soldiers.

    But the position of e-5. with four years in service gets paid the same $$ every month.
    One guy can run better, shoot better, has a better attitude and is a better leader. BOTH GUYS get paid the same because they have the SAME JOB.

    now the guy that is better? he will get promoted earlier, the other guy? maybe he never gets promoted? maybe he even gets **** canned completely.

    you pay the RANK, not the man.
    if the guy sucks, get rid of him.... thats how it works.

    You cant go looking for a sergeant, with leadership, experience and self motivation , offering private wages with the promise of "ill pay more if i think youre worth it"
    because he took a better offer from someone else because he IS worth it.
    meanwhile you are collecting sad sacks and beattle baileys, wondering where the crack troops are at.
  10. TPendagast

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    also stop trying to hire teenagers, if youre serious about your business and growing you are looking for grown adults with bills to pay and responsibilities.

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